Thursday, June 23, 2016

Solutions To Finding Skilled Work Force In The Construction Industry

Skilled Tradesmen Hard To Find For Traditional Construction, Prefabrication Is The Best Solution!

There was a recent article in the Phoenix Business Journal that a large construction company was having a hiring fair looking for 1000 candidates to fill open and key positions in their company.   The phenomenon of MIA qualified candidates to fill critical positions in the construction industry is overwhelming.

 Building customer loyalty and getting repeat or referral business is key to the successful performance of any contracting company.  With the shortage of qualified employees and team members in the traditional construction industry many construction companies are having to overwork current employees or send out untrained employees to try and cover a scope successfully.    

While this challenge is difficult for traditional general contractors, there is a solution that will not only help provide quality permanent structures, but that can also accelerate the construction schedule by months.    We are of course talking about prefabricated buildings and the modular industry.

Our modular manufacturing plant at Modular Solutions, Ltd in Phoenix, AZ has a family of team members that have been with us for years, and that can build any type of facility "off-site" for permanent use.

Stucco, Brick, Block, Steel, Stone, Wood, Vinyl, or any other type of exterior finish you can imagine can be included in your new modular building.   

With new construction technologies and the use of MPANELS ©, we are able to include high ceilings and concrete slab floors in your permanent "off-site" prefabricated building.     If your general contractor or architect is not considering off-site construction help educate them.  Prefabricated buildings are being used for hotels, clinics, recreations centers, school campuses, gymnasiums, kitchen and dining facilities, churches and religious worship centers, military facilities, specialty enclosures, guard shacks, and more!

There is a better way to build, and we would love to share more.   To learn more about prefabrication and accelerating your construction schedule contact our team:

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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Want A Lower Energy Bill This Summer?

Preconstruction Tips: How To Build A More Energy Efficient Modular Building:

Tip 1:

Awnings or porches covering the main entry can help block direct sunlight and assist with cooling the temperature of the modular building.   Porches can be made from varied materials and blend in with the modular building or stand out to make a statement. Choosing a reflective coating or color will help reduce the heat even further.

Tip 2:
Choose an energy efficient exterior finish such as EIFS or Stucco that includes additional insulation value in the process of the finish installation.  Heat gain is reduced with this step.

Tip 3:

There are many choices for mechanical systems in the marketplace today.  Making an educated choice based on the life cycle and operational costs of the equipment will have a huge impact on your monthly utility bill.  We have many articles in this blog on mechanical system choices, and how to get the best value for your investment.
Tip 4:
Strategically placed landscape will always make a difference in the daylight heat absorption factor.  Planting cooling trees and bushes to shield the building, while being mindful of the roots and watering impact to your building.   There are many great plants that are specifically used for their cooling effect.
Tip 5:

Modular building orientation is critical to how much heat can penetrate the building during the daylight hours.  When doors or windows are facing direct sunlight even the most efficiently designed modular building will have trouble keeping cool. 

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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Top Six Reasons Roofs Leak

Why Do Roofs Leak?  

Roofing Industry Expert Shares Top Six Reasons Roofs Leak

  • Improper Drainage-If a roof is not designed with adequate drainage the rain, snow, and water will find a way into your building.
  • Roof Penetrations-As the roof and systems are designed using fewer penetrations through the roof will help alleviate possible future leak challenges.  Water will find a way in and even small penetrations can cause leaks in time
  • Roof Top Units-While roof top units are a great economy, over time and without proper maintenance roof top units can be the culprit of roof leaks.     
  • Walls & Facades-This cause is harder to diagnose as a leak site may travel or not be fully exposed.  Masonry walls can crack causing unseen damage, allowing water in.
  • Rooftop Traffic-Sometimes walking on a roof, toolboxes, equipment, have all been the cause of unintentional damage to roofing systems.  Membrane roofs are more susceptible to this type of damage than other systems.
  • Human Error-Unfortunately roofs can be installed improperly.  That is why it is so important to choose a reputable and reliable company with a long history of job performance.  Unfortunately as many federal and state agencies have discovered, you do not want to choose your roofing specification strictly based on low bid.  

The best way to keep your roof covering system leak free is to inspect each year and look for any conditions that may cause leaks.   Remedy those immediately and maintain the roof covering as indicated in the manufacturers recommended guidelines.

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