Monday, March 29, 2021

NEW Custom IRC Homes In 90 Days

Custom IRC homes are available in 90 days from approved plans.   Clients like the fact that they can have a custom home, built to traditional site built codes, in as little as 90 days from approved plans.  check out our BLOG link.

Modular HUD homes are experiencing a six to twelve month backlog at mass production factories.   Our custom factory located in Phoenix, AZ is able to design and build a custom IRC modular home for your site in as little as 90 days from approved plans.
On foundation or piers, in a flood plain,  custom finishes interior and exterior, custom floorplan just the way you want, extensive open spans available with steel construction option.

100 % customization and our excellent customer satisfaction and delivery performance is why clients are choosing Modular Solutions, Ltd for their new IRC homes.

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Modular Solutions, Ltd

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