Thursday, May 26, 2016

Commercial Modular Kitchen, Throwback Thursday

Modular Kitchen, For Emergency Food Service

Meeting The Needs Of A Rural Community For Childhood Nutrition

From the exterior this modular building looks like a classroom or basic structure, but from the inside this building served the food service needs of not only one but two communities on remote and rural Native American Communities.   The BIA was demolishing a school in Cibecue, AZ.  They had a need for a temporary commercial kitchen for 2 years while the school was being reconstructed.   Modular Solutions, Ltd constructed a state of the art commercial kitchen fully outitted with appliances, washable walls, upgraded floor load conditions and many other amenities.  The building also served as a dining cafeteria space on the other side of the kitchen to serve all the students in the community. 
    As the school renovation was completed in Cibecue, a school on the Gila River Indian Community was in need of space. 
In order to make the relocation successful Modular Solutions, Ltd had to go the original site and make sure all the appliances were carefully removed, put in a container, and transported to the new site for reinstallation.  The new location was successfully open to feed children in a K-8 school, and also be utilized as a meeting room for the community for smaller events. 

Modular Solutions, Ltd is pleased to make both temporary and permanent modular kitchen facility solutions for our clients.    To learn more contact our team:

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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Commercial Modular Buildings-Throwback Thursday

Modular Church Facilities Help Growing Congregations

Churches that are growing face the challenge of how to get more space.
  Often times there are bonds, fund raising or donations that help fund their new facility but the still have the goal of being good stewards of the available funds and getting the best "BANG" for their buck.  Modular Solutions, Ltd has many options for churches that need more space.

Our client Elliot Road Baptist Church was meeting each week in a school, but had to set up the church including sound system and chairs and tear it back down every week.  Not only did this require all the congregation members to donate huge amounts of extra time each week, but it also required paying monthly fees for a space that would never be their final home.  Once Elliot Road Baptist Church found a
property they wanted to call home they needed to get a chapel, classrooms, administration space and fellowship hall all built and set in place on a very tight budget.

Modular Solutions, Ltd had a great looking 20,000 Sq. Ft. modular building that was retrofitted and remodeled to meet the exact space needs of the church.   Not only was this a great value for Elliot Road Baptist, but it was also a great use of recycle for the environment. Instead of ending up in a storage or landfill facility the building was 100% recycled and delivered to Elliot Road Baptist as a new modular church building.

Modular Solutions, ltd has helped many churches grow wisely and in phases.  If you would like to have more information from our team regarding a church expansion contact our team:

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