Monday, January 25, 2016

Tiny House, USA

Tiny House Fad Everywhere In The USA

Some Tips For Your Search

With all the reality TV exposure tiny house living is a fad across the USA as well as globally. Tiny house living solutions are being offered by many types of contractors.  You can see tiny homes in RV's, in travel trailers, in sheds, in retrofitted school buses, in converted semi-trailers, in sea cargo containers.   Some people equate a tiny house with affordable housing, and ultimately this can or can not be true based on your buying decisions.

Below are a few tips for consideration to help you find the best construction method if have decided to downsize your life style and go with a tiny house.

  • Find a builder that is licensed to sell what they are offering, some renovation companies have been offering homes that can not be parked due to illegal construction methods.
  • Ask questions about code compliance.  Even if you have a tiny house you want to be able to relocate it, or resale it and if it was not constructed to code you may not have that option.
  • Figure out the cost per square ft of your tiny home.  Some of the tiny homes in the market place are only 200 square ft, and are selling for $40,000, or more.   If you calculate that cost per square ft you are paying $200/Per Square Ft or more for your new home.  This is more than twice the cost of a traditional home.
  • Ask about moving your tiny home.  Some are built to use in any location USA and others are good for a one time permit.  If your plan is to find various locations to live in be sure you purchase the right type of tiny home.
  • Be diligent about visiting the factory or place where the tiny homes are manufactured. Find a manufacturer with a history, and established roots in the community. Additionally verify if you are purchasing from a resale dealer or the factory.
  • If you have a floor plan in mind, bring it to various manufacturers and find out what suggestions they may have or other models they may have that can save you money.
  • Always ask about warranty, and quality control programs.
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Monday, January 11, 2016

Portable Classroom, When Are They The Best Solution

Portable Classrooms Are A Great Space Solution

Some Tips On Ordering Your New Portable Classroom Buildings

Portable classrooms are a great solution for temporary classrooms and district growth. There are several reasons for a portable classroom building to be utilized.  Some schools have grown too fast to keep up with a short term population burst, or some schools have made it through a tragic storm or natural disaster, while others just need a short term fix during a remodel or renovation phase at the school.

Tips on ordering portable classroom buildings:
  • As a board or community acknowledge how long the need will be.  If it will take longer than two years to catch up with your space goals it may be better to consider a permanent modular solution and still get your buildings quickly.
  • Define how large you want  your classroom size to be.  Portable classrooms can be as small as 500 Sq. Ft, or As Large as 1,000 Sq. Ft. - depending on the local modular companies inventory.  At Modular Solutions, Ltd our portable classroom buildings typically range between 700-900 Sq.Ft. so you can accommodate 20 - 30 children.
  • Think about access to restrooms.  Do you want a portable classroom building with restrooms or without.  At Modular Solutions, Ltd we make both types.
  • Look at utility locations.  Some sites may be convenient, but may be too far away from all of the utility connections to make a portable building a value option.  Our representatives will always offer a free site consultation to help you evaluate the best location for your portable classroom buildings.
  • Ensure ADA egress is correct.  If you keep your portable classroom above the ground you will be 30" to 36" above the existing grade, this will require a ramp.  You can also excavate out the grade and backfill, however in many jurisdictions this requires special permits and approvals. 
  • If you are a school district, you can save time and money by purchasing through our local purchasing cooperative.  Modular Solutions, Ltd is a procurement partner with cooperative purchasing agencies across the USA.
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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Modular Construction Equals Safer Construction Sites

Preafabricated "off-site" Construction = Safer Construction Sites

Modular Construction Offers Safer Alternative To Traditional Stick Built Sites

According to a recent survey construction safety ratings were one of the main factors reviewed in selecting a general contractor or a sub contractor.   Having a good safety rating can make the difference between getting a project and coming "that-close".

How Does Prefabrication Help With Safer Project Site Conditions?

Think about how many subcontractors it takes to get a traditional building framed out and to weather tight stages.  You have the concrete sub, the plumbing sub, the electrical sub, the framers or masons, the roofing company, and a communication team.  This does not even include the additional subs for HVAC, and special systems and framing team required after the building is weather tight. With all of these bodies, and vehicle traffic, sometimes a worker will make an unsafe choice, and jeopardize their own safety, and the safety of those working around them.

Now think about a Modular Solutions, Ltd prefabricated structure.  The sections come out with the electrical, plumbing rough in and fixtures, wall finishes, roof covering, exterior wall finishes, floor covering, mechanical systems.  ONE SUB CONTRACTOR, which has completed 90% of your building "off-site" now all that is left is to assemble the building sections together and tie into your onsite utility stubs.

Fewer bodies on the site equate to fewer opportunities for accidents.  Prefabricated construction is has become the choice for owners, architects and general contractors as a better way to build.

Let the factory direct team at Modular Solutions, Ltd help you deliver a safer construction record for your next project.

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