Monday, December 28, 2020

Welcome 2021 A Year Of Possibilities

 A great big thank you to all our clients and friends that helped us make it through 2020, a year like never before.    We are hoping your 2021 will be filled with new and exciting adventures and renewed hope!

All of our team are looking forward to hearing from you in the new year!

Be safe, and be kind.



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Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Instagram Posts You May Have Missed #phoenixmodularsolutions

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We also shared a great looking conference center with moveable walls 

Or how about the one regarding our new awning division featuring custom awnings 

and what about that video of a floorless modular setting on a concrete slab! 

So many great tips, videos, and photos.    Would love you to follow us!

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Wednesday, November 11, 2020

A Thank You To Our Veterans Past And Present

 Modular Solutions, Ltd just wants to take this day set aside to say thank you to our veterans both currently serving and those who have served in the past.

We appreciate your service & sacrifices.   Also the sacrifices of friends and family of military, that also give and share on a daily basis.

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Fast Food Industry Discovers Secret Construction Method For Faster Construction

 Construction technology has been the same old method, same old process for thousands of years. 

There is a little know, and well kept secret that the fast food industry giants do not want to share-but it is time for everyone to learn about this fabulous hybrid construction technology.

Most fast food restaurants have a 120 day window to open from ground breaking to taking orders.  With traditional construction that means sub contractors are crawling all over each other on a very small pad, in a sometimes unsafe manner with traditional construction methods.

Let us introduce you to this accelerated method of construction that will have you blazing through your new restaurant construction effortlessly.  Our expert team will guide you through the permits, construction, and full the warranty process.

Learn about all the benefits of prefabricated construction technology.   We build your major components in the plant, and can set on a traditional crawl space system or a concrete slab.   Why not choose a more streamlined method of construction with a single point of contact and a highly effective means of project delivery.   Many of the fast food stores you enter have been built prefabricated & you just did not know it.

Call our team today for a free estimate and more details on ALL the benefits of prefabricated construction.

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Thursday, August 27, 2020

New National JOC Construction contract awarded to Modular Solutions, ltd


Modular Solutions, Ltd located in Phoenix, AZ has been awarded a national job order contract (JOC) for all things construction.   Modular Solutions has provided solar PV array fields, demolition, new construction, Tiltup construction, panelized construction , steel buildings,  renovations, remodels, and so much more.

If you are are an agency or school district give our team a call & let our key employees with over 300 years experience help you develop innovative and creative construction solutions.

Modular Solutions has been in business since 1996, and is a multi-generational family owned business.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Instagram video of our floorless modular being installed on concrete slab

 If you follow us on instagram, we just posted a really cool video of a modular building that has not floor getting set on a concrete slab for a permanent installation.

This building is attaching to an existing traditional modular building.  The building section was set in place in less than three minutes!

What a great example of innovations in modular construction.


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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Watch this modular building installation video on instagram

Modular Solutions, ltd has a GREAT instagram account for you to follow , watch videos, learn more about how to build prefabricated buildings.    We understand that a picture is worth 1000 words so we share interesting project photos and case studies on prefabricated construction.
Watch this quick video of this permanent behavioral health center modular building installation, that went from bare ground to ready for occupancy in two weeks. 

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also visit our website for GREAT information on temporary and permanent modular projects.

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Floorless Modular Sets On Concrete Slab

Modular Solutions has concrete slab on grade modular

Modular Solutions, ltd team was faced with the challenge of providing a building  on a small footprint that needed to have the solid concrete floor.   Our team offered a few solutions for review.  Option A was to get a modular building with all steel framing floor system with a B deck and pour concrete in at the plant    OR   the option they selected:

Build a  floorless modular , that is craned onto the concrete slab.   This option was quicker, less expensive, and will be the perfect solution.

READ MORE  in our future blogs - so you can learn more about a better way to build.

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Friday, April 17, 2020

modular emergency clinics for covid-19 response

Many clinics and medical facilities are overwhelmed looking for spaces to take care of their traditional  cases, while also dealing with the logistics and overwhelming quantity of potentially exposed covid-19 patients.

We have a modular solution for medical clinics.   If you need space, and are looking for a way to segregate non-exposed patient populations a temporary clinic makes perfect sense. this saves room in ICU and critical care for other acute cases,  or if there are extenuating circumstances such as incarceration patients requiring separation from the general public.

The U S Army corp of engineers has identified temporary medical facilities as "alternate care facilities" (ACF).  An ACF for the military might include triage space to separate respiratory trauma and not-respiratory trauma patients.

Our architectural team would ask you to make sure you have covered the following considerations in the design criteria.   Not all modular buildings can be used for an ACF facility.

  • Infrastructure:  Do you have sufficient sewer, power, water, and electrical on the proposed temporary site to carry the requirements for your new ACF facility
  • Ventilation:  Do we comply with ventilation requirements established by the medical design community and professional design teams
  • HEPA filtering: This should be constructed into the facility ; an HVAC mechanical professional will be able to identify your specific requirements based on your space usage goals.
  • plumbing:  Patients who are ambulatory will be able to use traditional ADA restrooms. For those unable to leave a HEPA-filtered environment, mobile commodes must be made available. For mobile hospitals deployed outside in a greenfield situation, a commode system, as well as portable hand-washing stations, will require a system such as a removable black water tank for waste removal
  • electrical :  The electrical systems are designed around the number of beds, and the type of medical equipment that will be utilized.   Design professionals will ensure you have sufficient power to accommodate all of the medical equipment in each patient care area.
  • medical gas : The med-gas lines will be drawn to a central location or more as the size of the ACF facility requires. This will allow for essential delivery to every patient location.

For more information on modular medical clinics contact our team - We even have some modular clinical inventory "IN-STOCK" ready for emergency delivery & installation.

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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Modular classroom buildings in Arizona

Modular Classroom buildings are in high demand again in Arizona.   The developers are building housing communities that are numbered in the thousands to keep up with the housing demand.  This brings new families to all parts of Arizona.
Modular Classroom buildings are a great option for schools facing a large influx of students.  The
modular classroom buildings can be temporary or permanent design.

The best solution for an overcrowded school with many educational campus locations, is to lease or purchase a portable classroom building.  A portable classroom building can be moved from campus to campus with minimal effort, and can blend in with a school districts "branding".

Smaller or more rural districts may prefer to purchase their new modular classroom building.  A modular classroom building from Modular Solutions, Ltd in Arizona will help build brand identity, and offer students comfort.

If you are looking for a modular classroom solution then reach out to our team at:

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Friday, February 7, 2020

Calling New Talent Modular Solutions, Ltd Now Hiring

Modular Solutions, Ltd is one of the highest ranked modular manufacturing companies in the southwest.   Our team members have been with us for as long as 20 years. 

This is a place you can build a career, not just find a job.

We have positions in sales, administration, factory production, project management, architectural and drafting, site management, purchasing, estimating.

Modular construction is growing at such a rapid pace.  We are excited about growing our team with experienced and customer oriented members.   We also have training programs to help facilitate continued education.

If you would like to submit a resume or visit our career opportunities:
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Friday, January 10, 2020

Vapor Barrier Protection In Construction

Vapor Barrier Protection is a large part of all the code books.   Here is an article about vapor barrier protection in construction for a quick easy read on the subject


The goal of our blog is to help you stay informed and updated on industry standards for modular construction and traditional construction.

Our team provided factory direct modular buildings, prefabricated steel buildings, MPANELS panelized construction and also traditional construction.

Want to learn more?

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