Thursday, June 18, 2015

How To Order A Modular Building On GSA Schedule 56

We made a little presentation on our you tube channel, that is a "how-to" purchase a modular building through GSA schedule 56. Modular Solutions, Ltd has been a schedule holder since 2000.

Our you tube channel is:

and to watch this PRESENTATION on how to order a modular building choosing GSA schedule 56, and Modular Solutions follow this LINK.

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Monday, June 15, 2015

Summer AC, Time For A Tune Up Six Great Tips

When temperatures in some climates hit 115 regularly, or humidity reaches over 80% regularly it is time to make sure the AC units on your modular buildings are working well.
Some companies set aside maintenance funds to recharge their AC units each summer, other companies self perform routine summer performance checks.

What should you check to make sure you are getting the best operational costs?

1. Always keep filters clean, change monthly for best performance, and invest in a roof top mechanical unit with high SEER rating.
2. Set your programmable thermostats and watch them. Make sure they are not turning on and off too quickly this is called "cycling" and it puts alot of wear & tear on your units. Also if you have summer hours adjust your thermostat.
3. Put your fan on manual over ride, and make sure the thermostat is working. Watch it turn off & on as you manually control your unit.
4. Remote control applications from a mobile phone are becoming more popular on small commercial buildings. This is a great way to control you AC if you will be out of the office all day, and save some money on it running.
5. Perform a visual inspection of the mechanical units. Make sure they are not clanking, or dripping where they should not drip, look at the overflow lines make sure the main condensate line is not clogged up.
6. If you have the money hire a maintenance team to come in & check the motor, clean the coils, and other elements that are best left to a professional AC team to extend the life cycle of your mechanical equipment.

These are just a few tips, you want your mechanical units to last longer and cost less to operate. Seasonal maintenance is key to the success of this.

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Monday, June 8, 2015

Solar Power On A Modular Building?

Living in Arizona we have the perfect solution to alternative energy, most clients have sunshine and good weather over 300 days a year and are able to really get back their solar investment quickly. We do however service clients in areas that have sunshine only 65 days a year, and solar power on their modular buildings is not necessarily the best value and investment choice for alternative energy, and for the life cycle of the solar components.

Living green is a life style choice, and if you are an agency you are tasked with making your site projects LEED certified or accredited. Sometimes the cost of the components and the repay on the power grid are not sufficient. Some clients would have to keep the solar panels for over 50 years to see the benefits of the cost of the panels and the installation. Other clients make a small leap and only have solar water heaters or solar pool heaters. No matter what your goals are for the environment, they also have to make sense with your budget.

There are many choices you can make to go "green" and "sustainable" besides just the energy efficiencies that will reduce your carbon footprint. You can use recycled components (ie insulation, carpet) , you can ensure they have low or zero VOC content (ie paint and adhesives), you can choose products that are sustainable such as bamboo flooring, you can upgrade your lighting to LED lights or natural sola-tubes.

Let our design team help you select the best design standards for your location and construction vicinity. There is no universal answer, and by choosing construction professionals such as Modular Solutions you are able to discover & make effective choices based on what is the best for your available schedule, budget, and resources.

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