Friday, December 9, 2016

Wellness Centers For Learning, Not Just Excercise

Modular Wellness Center, Will Be The Center Of The Community

The word wellness center brings many different thoughts to various population centers.  For some it is a place to find holistic or alternative medicine, for others it is a place to work out, and still for others it is a place to grab a great hot meal and gather.

The word "wellness" in this most recent modular building provided by Modular Solutions, Ltd encompasses total mind, body,and spirit well being.

The physical center allows aerobic and physical workouts for community members.   There is also a commercial kitchen that can prepare hot meals and serve as a place for community members to gather and learn a more healthy way to prepare meals.   The building also has education rooms to help with cultural and educational topics ranging from health and fitness with a strong focus on diabetes prevention and control.

The 6000 Sq. Ft. Hozhoogo Iina Wellness Center opened in August 2016, and has had a steady stream of local community members utilizing the facility on a regular basis. 

This modern fitness center is equipped with mirrored walls, and a heavy duty floor.  The kitchen has modern commercial appliances and can prepare a feast.   Educational rooms are equipped with moveable walls to accommodate small and large learning groups.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving From Modular Solutions, Ltd

Happy Thanksgiving From The Team At Modular Solutions, Ltd

Stop and enjoy your friends and family and count your blessing.  Happy Thanksgiving from the team at Modular Solutions, Ltd.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Modular Campus, Video Case Study

Watch This Video, MPANEL School built in 75 days

Modular Solutions, Ltd recently completed this project for Villa Montessori Charter School in Phoenix, Arizona.  The campus was constructed using our MPANEL © system.

The campus had some great architectural features such as glass store front walls, and high one way slope roof lines.

Check out the video using this link or watch it on our you tube channel.

VISIT OUR YOU TUBE CHANNEL FOR THIS AND OTHER GREAT VIDEOS.  Click on the link below to watch the video.  


Looking forward to sharing more great projects!

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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Year End Tax Deductions, Great Lease Options

Section 179, A Way To Reduce Your Tax Liability

Section 179 is a federal income tax provision that allows small businesses to deduct the full 100% value of their capital asset purchases in the year of acquisition. The great thing about a lease purchase is you qualify for the full deduction,  even if you haven't paid the full value of the asset yet!

The Section 179 deduction is available for both new and used equipment and can allow you to write off the full value of acquired asset(s) even if you used leasing or financing to make the acquisition.  

Modular Solutions, Ltd has been working with companies like LEASE SMART  to find great lease and lease purchase programs for new and used modular buildings.   

The 2016 limit for your Section 179 deduction is $500,000, and it's important to have the equipment delivered and working before the end of the tax year, to qualify for the 2016 exemption.  Check with your income tax adviser and ask whether Section 179 is right for you.  

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Need An IT Room In Your New Modular Building, Read These Five Great Tips

How To Design Your IT Room, Five Great Tips

Almost every new modular building being constructed for traditional office space use has an IT room included.  Over the years we have seen the evolution of this crucial space.   Some manufacturers would just build a closet causing overheating, some manufacturers put in a large AC drop causing the AC units to freeze up or over cycle. 

When you are depending on technology to run so many aspects of your business, how much would it cost you if your communication or data systems are down?

Here are a few tips to look at when you are designing your new modular building. 

1.  Size the room based on the amount of equipment you will have in your facility.  Over sizing or undersizing a room can cause issues with the operations of your system.

2.  Do not use the space for "storage" of other things.  Frequently we will see designated IT rooms become storage for office and cleaning supplies or spare parts.  Keep the IT room clean and free of clutter.  If you need storage, design in additional storage rooms.

3.  Static resistant flooring is the recommendation.

  Use wood, laminate, tile, or some other easy maintenance non-static material for the floor covering in the IT room.

4.  If you are not using a professional rack in the IT room, then make sure your include a backer board that is coated with a fire restive material.  Some clients will even make the entire room a one hour fire rated room.

5.  We recommend IT rooms have a mini-split system with a ductless cooling unit dedicated to that room.  
In the event there are thermostat wars in the office spaces your IT room will remain cool and consistent based on the temperature setting you and your team select.  Large data rooms can exhaust through the floor or crawl space if you design your facility using a professional team. 

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Modular Buildings In Snow Country

Tips On How To Build A Great Modular Building In Snow Country

It is that time of year when everyone starts to pull out their ski jackets and plan for the winter storms and cold weather.  
There is a misconception that prefabricated or modular buildings can not be constructed to hold up to harsh winter conditions.   When you have a great design team you are able to get a modular building that will keep you acclimated in the worst weather conditions. 
Listed below are a few tips for consideration when planning a new modular building that will be placed in an extremely cold climate:

  • Insulation:  Continuous insulation, with high R factors will allow the building envelope to keep your inside temperatures warmer and hold the heat in.
  • Roof snow load:  Roof snow load in modular buildings are frequently at #60 or #80 roof snow load.  Talk to your design professional and make sure your design will accommodate the heavy snow season
  • Mechanical Systems:  Some clients are misinformed and think that they can only get those wall hung mechanical units that only have 9EER rating and use ALOT of electricity in the winter months.  This is an archaic concept.  Our modular buildings today have been equipped with VRF, Geothermal, Mini-splits, Package Units with high efficiency or gas heat.  You will want to take your time and explore all the options, life cycle, and operational costs of the various systems out there and make an educated and informed decision.
  • Exposure:  Site placement of your building using best practices for sun and wind exposure will help with overall cost management of heating and cooling costs.
  • Crawl space or slab:  There are advantages and disadvantages to both, talk through the options with your design professional to get the best solution for your site.

For more information on building a better modular building in cold country consult our design team for a free consultation and budgetary proposal:

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Modular Buildings Reimagined

100% Recycle, With Re-imagined Modular Buildings

We are frequently asked "What is the life cycle of that modular building?"  Our answer is easy to stand behind and that is equal to or longer than any site built structure with the same specification.

Some structures have been on a site for 20 years, and it is time to re-imagine the building.   The bones or structural elements of the building remain in great shape and only the aesthetic finishes need an improvement.  

The great thing about a modular structure is that you can renovate it in place or you can take it back to the factory for a complete rebuild.  When faced with throwing 20,000 lbs per section into a community landfill or spending some money to revitalize a community which is the better option?

Take a look at some of our re-imagined modular buildings and you decide.

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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Modern Design Finishes In Modular Construction

Don't Settle For Siding, On Your Modular Building

Today there are so many choices and options available in commercial construction why would you settle for "siding".  While this is main stream in the modular industry, and holds up pretty well in the long run, there are some other great options that will give you a fresh and modern approach to your finished commercial modular building.

Stone, Stucco, Steel:  A great Combination
Many of our clients will choose a combination of natural and man made elements to see a cohesion of design and artistic embellishment. 

What better way to show your community you care about how you blend in, and will contribute to the overall well being of the community by being invested.  
Steel Siding looks like Board & Bat & Vertical

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


A Better Way To Build © video now on you tube

check out our you tube channel

or the video link direct is HERE

We want everyone to understand there is a difference between a basic shoe box with a lid, and the type of prefabricated construction that is now available.

Our team has developed great projects based on satisfying the owners' need for a faster schedule without any compromises in aesthetic or structural finishes.

How do we do it? 

By creating innovative space solutions, and thinking outside the "BOX"

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Monday, July 18, 2016

Building Intelligent Modular Buildings

Building Automation Systems For Modular Buildings

The construction industry, like all industries, has evolved with the infusion of technology and modern resources.  Building Automation Systems (BAS)  are being incorporated  into the design of new prefabricated buildings, and are user friendly.  In years past the communication or fire or mechanical systems were so intricate that the owners' had to attend week long training sessions on how to operate their new system.

Today, if you know how to operate a smart phone application, you can operate your building automation program.  Through advanced integration of access control, building automation, and lighting control building occupants have better air quality, lighting control, and a more secured work environment

Smart technology does come at a price, but for remote or rural areas that have minimal staff available a smart building can make sense.

Companies such as Honeywell, Siemens, Leviton, GE, and many others are helping to provide complete building solutions into your new permanent modular building facility.

To learn more about building automation systems contact:

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Life Safety Tips For Your Commercial Modular Building

Building & Keeping A Safer Commercial Modular Building

When organizations look at the initial cost of a life safety design in a commercial modular building they will often try to get a waiver to omit or minimize the life safety requirements.   While there are ways to design more "cost-effective" an organization should not try to eliminate the option of having a safer building and site design. 

Some tips below are recommendations for keeping your site & building safe:

  • Keep shrubs and overgrowth cut back and away from the building.  If any of the greenery is now brown cut that back or remove it it from site
  • If you have gas water heaters or gas heat test and inspect your carbon monoxide safety detectors regularly 
  • Fire sprinklers are mandatory in some occupancy uses, and also in some city or local jurisdictions.   If a fire district has waived the requirement of fire sprinklers, take a second look at your budget and see if you can afford including them.   Not only can fire sprinklers save your property they save lives
  • Fire alarm systems are very affordable now, and recommended.  Most jurisdictions require a fire alarm system in all commercial buildings.   If you are considering a fire alarm system look into an addressable system that is not proprietary so you can change or modify or test your system affordably in the future

  • Watch your design flow to eliminate dead end corridors and long paths of egress.  Sometimes it means adding a few more hallways or extra doors, but in the event of an emergency it is always nice to have a faster way out
  • Keep your fire extinguishers readily accessible and keep your staff informed as to where they are.  The most common location is by an egress door.  Test them and look for expiration dates on the green tags.
  • Non-combustible design is another option if you have a larger budget.  While this type of construction does cost more, the design criteria incorporated will save lives.

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Solutions To Finding Skilled Work Force In The Construction Industry

Skilled Tradesmen Hard To Find For Traditional Construction, Prefabrication Is The Best Solution!

There was a recent article in the Phoenix Business Journal that a large construction company was having a hiring fair looking for 1000 candidates to fill open and key positions in their company.   The phenomenon of MIA qualified candidates to fill critical positions in the construction industry is overwhelming.

 Building customer loyalty and getting repeat or referral business is key to the successful performance of any contracting company.  With the shortage of qualified employees and team members in the traditional construction industry many construction companies are having to overwork current employees or send out untrained employees to try and cover a scope successfully.    

While this challenge is difficult for traditional general contractors, there is a solution that will not only help provide quality permanent structures, but that can also accelerate the construction schedule by months.    We are of course talking about prefabricated buildings and the modular industry.

Our modular manufacturing plant at Modular Solutions, Ltd in Phoenix, AZ has a family of team members that have been with us for years, and that can build any type of facility "off-site" for permanent use.

Stucco, Brick, Block, Steel, Stone, Wood, Vinyl, or any other type of exterior finish you can imagine can be included in your new modular building.   

With new construction technologies and the use of MPANELS ©, we are able to include high ceilings and concrete slab floors in your permanent "off-site" prefabricated building.     If your general contractor or architect is not considering off-site construction help educate them.  Prefabricated buildings are being used for hotels, clinics, recreations centers, school campuses, gymnasiums, kitchen and dining facilities, churches and religious worship centers, military facilities, specialty enclosures, guard shacks, and more!

There is a better way to build, and we would love to share more.   To learn more about prefabrication and accelerating your construction schedule contact our team:

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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Want A Lower Energy Bill This Summer?

Preconstruction Tips: How To Build A More Energy Efficient Modular Building:

Tip 1:

Awnings or porches covering the main entry can help block direct sunlight and assist with cooling the temperature of the modular building.   Porches can be made from varied materials and blend in with the modular building or stand out to make a statement. Choosing a reflective coating or color will help reduce the heat even further.

Tip 2:
Choose an energy efficient exterior finish such as EIFS or Stucco that includes additional insulation value in the process of the finish installation.  Heat gain is reduced with this step.

Tip 3:

There are many choices for mechanical systems in the marketplace today.  Making an educated choice based on the life cycle and operational costs of the equipment will have a huge impact on your monthly utility bill.  We have many articles in this blog on mechanical system choices, and how to get the best value for your investment.
Tip 4:
Strategically placed landscape will always make a difference in the daylight heat absorption factor.  Planting cooling trees and bushes to shield the building, while being mindful of the roots and watering impact to your building.   There are many great plants that are specifically used for their cooling effect.
Tip 5:

Modular building orientation is critical to how much heat can penetrate the building during the daylight hours.  When doors or windows are facing direct sunlight even the most efficiently designed modular building will have trouble keeping cool. 

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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Top Six Reasons Roofs Leak

Why Do Roofs Leak?  

Roofing Industry Expert Shares Top Six Reasons Roofs Leak

  • Improper Drainage-If a roof is not designed with adequate drainage the rain, snow, and water will find a way into your building.
  • Roof Penetrations-As the roof and systems are designed using fewer penetrations through the roof will help alleviate possible future leak challenges.  Water will find a way in and even small penetrations can cause leaks in time
  • Roof Top Units-While roof top units are a great economy, over time and without proper maintenance roof top units can be the culprit of roof leaks.     
  • Walls & Facades-This cause is harder to diagnose as a leak site may travel or not be fully exposed.  Masonry walls can crack causing unseen damage, allowing water in.
  • Rooftop Traffic-Sometimes walking on a roof, toolboxes, equipment, have all been the cause of unintentional damage to roofing systems.  Membrane roofs are more susceptible to this type of damage than other systems.
  • Human Error-Unfortunately roofs can be installed improperly.  That is why it is so important to choose a reputable and reliable company with a long history of job performance.  Unfortunately as many federal and state agencies have discovered, you do not want to choose your roofing specification strictly based on low bid.  

The best way to keep your roof covering system leak free is to inspect each year and look for any conditions that may cause leaks.   Remedy those immediately and maintain the roof covering as indicated in the manufacturers recommended guidelines.

For more details on types of roof covering systems or prefabricated buildings contact our team 

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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Commercial Modular Kitchen, Throwback Thursday

Modular Kitchen, For Emergency Food Service

Meeting The Needs Of A Rural Community For Childhood Nutrition

From the exterior this modular building looks like a classroom or basic structure, but from the inside this building served the food service needs of not only one but two communities on remote and rural Native American Communities.   The BIA was demolishing a school in Cibecue, AZ.  They had a need for a temporary commercial kitchen for 2 years while the school was being reconstructed.   Modular Solutions, Ltd constructed a state of the art commercial kitchen fully outitted with appliances, washable walls, upgraded floor load conditions and many other amenities.  The building also served as a dining cafeteria space on the other side of the kitchen to serve all the students in the community. 
    As the school renovation was completed in Cibecue, a school on the Gila River Indian Community was in need of space. 
In order to make the relocation successful Modular Solutions, Ltd had to go the original site and make sure all the appliances were carefully removed, put in a container, and transported to the new site for reinstallation.  The new location was successfully open to feed children in a K-8 school, and also be utilized as a meeting room for the community for smaller events. 

Modular Solutions, Ltd is pleased to make both temporary and permanent modular kitchen facility solutions for our clients.    To learn more contact our team:

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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Commercial Modular Buildings-Throwback Thursday

Modular Church Facilities Help Growing Congregations

Churches that are growing face the challenge of how to get more space.
  Often times there are bonds, fund raising or donations that help fund their new facility but the still have the goal of being good stewards of the available funds and getting the best "BANG" for their buck.  Modular Solutions, Ltd has many options for churches that need more space.

Our client Elliot Road Baptist Church was meeting each week in a school, but had to set up the church including sound system and chairs and tear it back down every week.  Not only did this require all the congregation members to donate huge amounts of extra time each week, but it also required paying monthly fees for a space that would never be their final home.  Once Elliot Road Baptist Church found a
property they wanted to call home they needed to get a chapel, classrooms, administration space and fellowship hall all built and set in place on a very tight budget.

Modular Solutions, Ltd had a great looking 20,000 Sq. Ft. modular building that was retrofitted and remodeled to meet the exact space needs of the church.   Not only was this a great value for Elliot Road Baptist, but it was also a great use of recycle for the environment. Instead of ending up in a storage or landfill facility the building was 100% recycled and delivered to Elliot Road Baptist as a new modular church building.

Modular Solutions, ltd has helped many churches grow wisely and in phases.  If you would like to have more information from our team regarding a church expansion contact our team:

Modular Solutions, Lt
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Monday, April 25, 2016

Commercial Modular Buildings - Five Well Kept Secrets

Five Top Secrets The Modular Industry Does Not Always Share

1.  MYTH:  Commercial modular buildings only come in wood, cement panel, steel, or stucco finish.  
TRUTH:  Commercial modular buildings have unlimited finish options.   Blending in with a community is often the desired outcome.   Choose a company with a professional design team to help you create the perfect design solution.

2.  MYTH:  Any commercial modular building larger than 1500 Sq. Ft. Can not have a high pitch roof finish.      TRUTH:   Most commercial modular buildings are constructed to have a "complex roof" with 1/2: 12" slope to be cost effective.  While it may cost more to get a 4:12 or 6:12 pitch using site installed trusses that have to be swung on site, it is a beautiful finish, and large buildings can be built with an 80# or higher roof snow load if required.
3.   MYTH: Building on a slope is not possible with a commercial modular building.    TRUTH:  Commercial modular buildings have to be placed where there is space and sometimes that is between a rock & a hard spot.   With the use of creative and innovative foundation systems we can place a modular building in almost any location.   Cranes, railsets, and special installation tools help commercial modular buildings fit on those unique installation locations.

4: MYTH:  You don't need an architect if you choose modular construction:  TRUTH:  Modular buildings, especially custom commercial modular buildings require the experience and code review to keep your building safe and architecturally interesting.  Whether you choose a private architect or a modular building company like Modular Solutions, Ltd that has N.C.A.R.B architects on staff make sure you bring someone on board that has the knowledge of prefabrication, and structural design.
5:  MYTH: Modular buildings have to be rectangular boxes and straight shapes of 12' x 60' sections. TRUTH:  At Modular Solutions we have built "H" or "T" or "L" shapes, but also circular walls and hogan shaped walls.  Our goal is to give clients what they want & make sure it is built to the same construction methods a traditional site built structure is constructed to.  Why Settle?

circular porch on commercial modular

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Commercial Modular Building-Color My World

Add A Little Spring Color To Your Commercial Modular Buildings To Extend The Life Cycle, And Perk It Up

Commercial Modular Buildings have a full variety of finish options available.  Most buildings will show their age as paint fades and as weather takes a toll on the building exterior.

If your modular building  has wood trims be sure to check the caulk & nails.  By keeping your trim fresh and straight, your building will look renewed and last much longer.

Don't be afraid to use accenting or bold colors for your commercial modular building to make a statement in the community and for recognition.     Look at this fun faux brick pattern that was used by a local training academy in Arizona.   

Learn more tips and color tricks from our team at Modular Solutions, Ltd.    

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Monday, April 4, 2016

Modular Building Maintenance Tips For Spring

Now is the time to start thinking about looking at the requirements for spring maintenance.  Some parts of the country don't get out of the snow until May, but other parts of the country are already having record highs.   Here are five quick tips to keep your modular building in tip top condition & extend the life cycle of your prefabricated structure.


  • Check your building for rain gutter and downspout damages.  Sometimes the winter storms have damaged your water drainage system, which if not repaired can result in damage to your siding or roof.   

Check your roofing.  Look for rips, or missing shingles, look in valleys and clean off debris.  Roofs really can last 20 years with proper maintenance.  It is up to you to keep your roof in tip top shape and the only way to identify maintenance needs is to get up there and see what needs done.  

Special coated roofs (like foam) will change color when they are ready for maintenance.  Built up roofs will come apart at the seams leaving water a way in.  Metal roofs will leave gaps or pop fasteners.   

Every modular building has a foundation system.  If you have concrete or block look for signs of water penetration.  If you have piers & pads look for weather erosion.  When a building settles due to earth movement or water/rain/snow, you need to provide preventative releveling so there is not further damage to your walls and other interior finishes such as floor covering.   If you see signs of building movement call a professional crew such as Modular Solutions,  and get them to relevel your facility. If you are a state or local agency in Arizona you can utilize the MESC contract.

Preventative maintenance will always extend the life cycle of your mechanical unit on your modular building.  While this is a monthly task, additional services are usually required when switching from heat to AC.  At Modular Solutions, Ltd we have serviced mechanical units that were well over 20 years old and still in working condition.

All modular buildings have exterior finishes.  Some are higher maintenance than others.  Wood trims can buckle and warp allowing water to cause possible damage, stucco can crack or have damages from rocks or other human causes, steel fasteners can come undone or need a new powder coat.  Damages caused by severe winter storms will lead to additional wear and tear on your structure if you do not take the time to fix it properly.

If you would like some preventative maintenance done on your modular building, or would like an inspection contact our professional team at Modular Solutions, Ltd

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