Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Military Modular Buildings Yuma Arizona

Modular Solutions For Military Buildings

Job Order Contracting For Modular Solutions

Modular Solutions, Ltd provides additional mission space for the military at the base in Yuma Arizona.  When they needed a temporary space solution that could be relocated on base for a secondary purpose Modular Solutions worked closely with the Job Order Contractor (JOC) for the base and designed and fabricated two new modular buildings at our factory in Phoenix, Arizona.

The buildings were equipped with special military functions that helped our US Military complete their critical path mission.

These buildings were constructed with hidden security features and looked like an "industry standard" mobile office trailer.  When security is the mission Modular Solutions has the answers.
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Monday, September 21, 2015

Modular Building Prescott, Arizona

Veterans Administration Chooses Modular Construction

When the Veterans Administration in Prescott, Arizona needed additional space they looked at all the construction options available and chose modular construction.

The Benefits Of Modular Building Construction

  • Quicker Occupancy
  • Less Site Disruption In A Hospital Zone
  • Less On Site Sub Contractor Security Clearance Requirements
  • Permanent Design Meeting Or Exceeding VA Construction Guidelines
  • One Point Of Contact For Turnkey Construction 
  • GSA Contract Procurement Availability
  • Design-Build Can Include Building Shop Drawings
  • Sustainable & Green Building Construction Options Available

By choosing modular construction the VA campus in Prescott, Arizona was able to save money, and time by ordering the new building from our GSA schedule.

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Modular Building Federal Case Study

Working on a federal project takes experience and knowledge of the federal government.  When the Veterans Administration needed a modular building for their expanding behavioral health program they needed a contractor that could deliver a multi-story modular building, and one with federal experience.   Modular Solutions, Ltd was selected to design and construct this 33,000 square ft two story modular building in Los Angeles, California.

Some of the special requirements included decorative stairwells, coordinating an interior elevator with a company that was already on the VA campus to facilitate future service, bamboo renewable flooring, no VOC paint, energy star-efficient HVAC design, motion sensors, high ceilings, lots of natural lighting and windows, and many other custom features that make this permanent modular building an attractive addition to the VA campus.

To watch a video of this building being installed in time lapse visit our website location

To find out more about medical construction and multi-story permanent modular construction contact our team at Modular Solutions, Ltd

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Modular Building Case Study Education

Modular School Construction A Case Study

Education construction is a multi-billion dollar business.  There are renovations, new construction, and also prefabricated projects across the USA.  With all of those choices school districts and charter schools have to decide what is the best option for their school flow, budget, and location.

Learn more about this permanent modular school construction project provided by Modular Solutions, Ltd.

When this charter school was trying to get started they were owned by a small struggling administrator with a dream.

The school was Juniper Tree Academy, and they leased space from a local church.   After the first couple of years and a successful track record they had sufficient funds to grow the school, but wanted to be able to move the campus to their final home when the time was right. This modular building school campus was designed, and installed by Modular Solutions, ltd.

 The campus consisted of 15,000 square ft of classroom space , a cafeteria/multi-purpose room, and even an administrative wing.

All in all the project was such a success the owner was able to sell the campus to new owners, and they were able to expand even further.

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We look forward to helping your school grow one modular building at a time or with an entire campus over a summer break.

Modular Homes Phoenix Arizona

Are you looking for a new home?  One of the biggest choices is do I get a modular home that is a "stock" modular home from a HUD factory in Phoenix or do I get a custom IRC modular home manufactured in Phoenix, Arizona.

A home is an investment you will make and it should last you a lifetime.   Unfortunately there is a difference in a HUD home and an IRC home.  If your goal is to find affordable modular housing then a HUD home  is the best answer no question.

If you want to have a sustainable modular home that reduces your carbon footprint or that is a net zero home you may want to consider an IRC modular home manufactured in Phoenix, Arizona. 

There are lots of choices to consider - Just make sure you make an educated purchase of your new modular home and consider all the options before you sign on the dotted line.

If you would like more information on residential modular homes consult our team, and we can help you make an educated and informed buying decision that you will be happy with and that will fulfill the American dream!

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A Better Way To Build

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Modular Building With Solar Power

Living in Arizona we have the perfect solution to alternative energy, most clients have sunshine and good weather over 300 days a year and are able to really get back their solar investment quickly. We do however service clients in areas that have sunshine only 65 days a year, and solar power on their modular buildings is not necessarily the best value and investment choice for alternative energy, and for the life cycle of the solar components.

Living green is a life style choice, and if you are an agency you are tasked with making your site projects LEED certified or accredited. Sometimes the cost of the components and the repay on the power grid are not sufficient. Some clients would have to keep the solar panels for over 50 years to see the benefits of the cost of the panels and the installation. Other clients make a small leap and only have solar water heaters or solar pool heaters. No matter what your goals are for the environment, they also have to make sense with your budget.

There are many choices you can make to go "green" and "sustainable" besides just the energy efficiencies that will reduce your carbon footprint. You can use recycled components (ie insulation, carpet) , you can ensure they have low or zero VOC content (ie paint and adhesives), you can choose products that are sustainable such as bamboo flooring, you can upgrade your lighting to LED lights or natural sola-tubes.

Let our design team help you select the best design standards for your location and construction vicinity. There is no universal answer, and by choosing construction professionals such as Modular Solutions you are able to discover & make effective choices based on what is the best for your available schedule, budget, and resources.

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Modular School Safe Campus Design

Historically schools have always been considered a safe haven for children but that picture of safety has changed over recent years. When school districts come to us and ask how do we create a safe school campus environment there are many solutions in our preconstruction solutions book.

Some common upgrades that are now being included in the standard new school construction package:
1. Panic Alert System: Any employee can identify a dangerous situation and notify the staff, administration, and local authorities.
2. Entry Vestibules: A safety vestibule is a way to lock down a campus so noone can gain direct egress onto the campus without notifying the proper security teams
3. High Technology Security Systems: These systems can be as simple as card readers, or as sophisticated as identification scanners
4. Practice Emergency Lockdowns: Most schools have an emergency plan or lock down plan that allows the staff to practice for security risk situations
5. Parking pass control gates: When upper education levels have parking considerations the access gates are only open with proper security clearance (usually attached to the vehicle)
6. Guard shack: Control entry into the campus with security shacks

No matter what the security challenge is our team can help develop a solutions to have safe and secure schools.

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Modular Building Tie Downs

A modular building sets on a foundation. If the building is not securely fastened down to the earth in some manner it can be blown off the foundation in high wind situations.
There are studies of modular homes and commercial modular buildings that had tie downs, setting next to those that did not have tie downs. The buildings with tie downs survived high winds and extreme weather with little or no damage while buildings with no tie downs were sometimes a pile of rubble.

There are several types of tie downs based on the ground soil conditions and the type of foundation you are using.

No matter how large or small your modular building is we recommend tie downs. In most states they are required as a part of the foundation engineering. When you get a modular building installed from a reputable dealer or manufacturer they will always include a foundation design stamped by a professional engineer for your location and use.

Site built and modular buildings have faced total demolition during tornado or hurricane weather, but tie downs are a great way to keep your modular building more secure and safer when on the periphery of a storm.

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Modular Church Building, Tips For Construction

A modular church building or worship center has to accomplish many uses with a small congregation.   Sometimes the facility will be the main worship center, sometimes the facility will have to be classrooms, and at other times it will serve as the pot luck social center.

A church design needs to be flexible and serve many functions.   When budget is a concern there are some ideas that will help you multi-task your new modular church facility.

1.  Build your new facility with open beams, often times posting is less expensive, but in the end renovations or remodel or even clear vision are impacted by posts.
2. Design around your own aesthetic functions.  You can construct your new modular church building
with a vanilla approach and then bring your own flavor and interior design.  This saves money on the front end and allows you to make it your own.
3. If there is a budget design your church meeting room with large higher ceilings, and your classrooms with a lower ceiling.  This will save money, and allow for separation of spaces.

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Modular Classroom Building, Case Study

Modular classroom buildings can be temporary or permanent.  When we place modular buildings on a campus they can be an addition to an existing campus or they can be new design.

A modular classroom building is designed around many factors:

1.  The budget
2.  The existing aesthetics of the campus
3.  The local codes and jurisdictional requirements
4.  The owners' desire for their mission for classroom function and flow

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Modular Building in Window Rock Arizona

There is nothing like being surrounded by the beauty of nature.   Window Rock Arizona is located on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona.  When a modular building is going to be placed in Window Rock, Arizona there are a few good tips for constructing a modular building that will make a nice impact in the community and keep the building looking like it has always been there.

1. The southwest has design elements that are commonly found such as metal roof coverings, or stucco exteriors.  Those types of finishes will blend in well
2. Design with colors and nature in mind.  The four elements are incorporated into your modular building to speak a message to the community.
3. Build your modular building with Northern Arizona climate in mind.  2 x 6 exterior walls, and mason foundation systems or adjustable piers work really well
4. Design around the wind load.  There are frequently high winds in Window Rock Arizona and your modular building should be constructed to keep those wind noises and effects minimal.

Modular Solutions, Ltd is a Native American owned factory, and will always include cultural and design elements that are cohesive with the nature around your community.

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Modular Buildings in Yuma Arizona

What makes Yuma Arizona unique when it comes to modular building construction?   Yuma, Wellton, Somerton, and other communities in that vicinity are on an earthquake fault line.  What does that mean to the construction of your modular building?

It means you can not order a "stock" unit from a "trailer" vendor and expect that it will meet or exceed all of the seismic zone requirements for Yuma Arizona.

Some construction tips for your modular building in Yuma Arizona or locations with special seismic considerations.

  • Straps will be required in the ceilings, and special additional strapping in the structural design.  
  • Windows will have to be per the seismic code zone for construction
  • design your interior decor for safety, glass and other objects will break during a quake causing further potential damage
  • strap furnishing and heavy pieces to the wall if available
  • Anchor water heaters (gas and electric) so they do not come unstrapped and cause leaks

Site constructed buildings and modular buildings can have damage during an earthquake, it is just important to design to the construction code that will help prevent as much damage as possible.

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Modular Buildings in Flagstaff Arizona

Modular Buildings in Flagstaff and Northern Arizona require a few special building features.

By living and working in an area with higher elevations, and more severe climates we have a few recommendations for you to construct your commercial modular or residential modular building.

Some Construction Tips:

  1. Build your roof snow load according to the local codes.  In Flagstaff, Arizona a modular building needs to be 40# roof snow load.  In the higher elevations there are some local jurisdictions that require a 60# roof snow load on a modular building.
  2. Build your commercial building with a minimum of 2 x 6 Exterior walls and 2 x 8 Roof joists or rafters.  A good insulation package will keep you warm and keep your utility bills lower
  3. Construct your modular building in Flagstaff, Arizona with vinyl or good insulated windows.  Cheap windows will let cold air in and warm air escape.
  4. Design your crawl space with insulated pipes, and heat strip.  Winter freezes can cause severe damage if you do not have preventative measures in place.

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Friday, September 11, 2015

Modular Building In Arizona

We have a factory in Arizona, and often we are asked what is required to put a modular building in any location in Arizona.  There are a few key steps to follow to make sure you get your modular building designed, and properly coded to be placed in any city or county in Arizona.

  • Check with the local zoning office and see what the roof snow load is- Cold country has harsher regulations for roof snow load and insulation values.
  • Check the lay of the land.   ADA requirements are one of the challenges we see on undeveloped land sites.  Some extensive grading may be required and that can really add to the cost of your project quickly.
  • See if there is an HOA in the area.  Sometimes local zoning or HOA will require very specific aesthetic finishes which will effect the design criteria and cost of your project
  • When do you need the modular building?  It can sometimes take 90 days to six months to get through the local zoning office for approvals of a modular or site built project.

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