Monday, April 27, 2015

Let's Save Some Money! Buy A Used Modular Building

We have many clients that need the space, but just do not have the budget to build a brand new facility. Don't worry - we have a solution for that!
Read the attached case study for Creighton School District in Phoenix, Arizona which is only one of our many clients that have realized exceptional savings by looking at our used modular building inventory.

There are lots of reasons to consider used, when available:

* Used modular buildings are less expensive
* Used modular buildings are available quicker
* Used modular buildings can be utilized for disaster relief
* Used modular buildings are "green" and 100% recyclable
* Used modular buildings can be renovated or reconstructed so they are like new
* Used modular buildings allow you to see the building before, during, and after the purchase
* Used modular buildings can be leased or set up on a lease with option payment plan

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Spring Is In The Air, Time For A Modular Building Check Up 5 Quick Tips

One great thing about spring is the opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy the season. We suggest you put your modular building on a spring cleaning calendar & include a few key items that will extend your building life cycle:

1. Clean out all the rain gutters, inspect for damages, or drainage issues. Bad gutters can cause rot in trims or the building foundation if the drainage is incorrect.

2. Inspect the roof to see if there were any winter storm damages. Sometimes an exposed shingle or or foam that was damaged by trees, or metal trim that is bent out of shape. Just because you purchased a 50 year roof, that does not mean nature will not impact that.

3. Cut back the landscape. One culprit of water damage or building damage is landscape too close to the modular building, watering patterns, etc. Make sure your building is not getting watered with the lawn.

4. Put on a new fresh coat of paint & caulk. Keeping your building spruced up makes it look better, but also keeps moisture out. Check the caulks and trims, for bowing, and missing caulk. Use an exterior rated product when replacing caulk.

5. Test your mechanical system. Clean out the filters, run the cycles, and just make sure the units are operating at their best capacity to save operating costs and extend your equipment life cycle.

If you would like some more great tips consult our service and maintenance team at Modular Solutions, Ltd
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