Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Replacement High School, Chooses Modular Construction in MN

Modular Solutions, Ltd completes a 46,000 Sq Ft Replacement High School Campus in Record Time

Watch our camera 2 time lapse of one of our most recent projects.

This project is on tribal lands in Bena, MN.   The high points of the project:

All Design documents included for LEED capable project

  • Sustainable Green construction materials
  • Modern Architectural design elements- Various finish materials
  • Made in America products
  • State of the are geothermal design & construction
  • Integrated technology throughout the the entire high school
  • Fabulous community room & community center area for gatherings & safety
  • Integrating tribal community heritage with modern conveniences
  • Design-Build Geothermal System
  • New fire tank
To learn more about this project or to have one designed for your local community meet our preconstruction team:

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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Modular MPANEL Construction a better way to build

Our clients want options when it comes to prefabricated construction.  We offer more than just traditional modular buildings.

  • Permanent modular construction set on concrete or block foundations
  • Permanent modular buildings with concrete floors & model energy star efficiency
  • Temporary lease or lease purchase modular buildings, basic finishes
  • MPANELS© , panelized prefabricated buildings
  • Concrete Tilt-up facilities for gymnasiums and other assembly uses
  • Steel building facilities for any type of occupancy or use

Each type of building offers a unique solutions, and our preconstruction team is equipped to help you evaluate the best option for your current and future space planning goals.

Today - we talk about MPANELS©
What is an MPANEL © building?

When a client wants concrete floors, high ceiling, varied pitch roof options, and still needs an accelerated schedule MPANELS© are the perfect solution.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Modular School Replacement 46,000 Sq. Ft. Campus

Watch this time lapse video of our newest project going in
46,000 Sq. Ft permanent high school.  This was constructed to replace a building that was condemned and was awarded to Modular Solutions, Ltd based on a design-build process.

Our team brought the factory to the small town of Bena, NM and hired local teams from the TERO office and also purchased local materials from hometown suppliers.