Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Mohave Educational Services Cooperative

Modular Solutions, Ltd is awarded a five year contract with Mohave Educational Services Cooperative, Inc.

Cooperative purchasing saves time and money

Modular Solutions, Ltd was awarded a cooperative contract with Mohave Educational Services Cooperative, Inc on October 5, 2015.  This cooperative is extended to school districts and public agencies throughout Arizona.   Currently MESC has over 450 members in Arizona that utilize the cooperative services.  Contract#: 15H-MSL-1005

Modular Solutions, Ltd will be providing Preconstruction services , prefabricated design build permanent modular buildings, and site work to facilitate a turnkey building installation.

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Friday, October 23, 2015

Modular Buildings For Public Transportation Systems

Modular Buildings For Public Transportation Facilities

Modular Solutions For Public Transportation Departments

Modular Solutions, Ltd provided a design build transit center for the Lake Havasu City Public Transit Department.

Their team was growing, and needed a permanent space to place the employees and a safe place to collect funds from clients that would come in to purchase tickets.

Modular Solutions, Ltd used permanent alternative construction for this project to make sure the building would blend in with the community, have LEED sustainable qualities, and be built with a 50+ year life cycle.

The employees now have a great locker room, a safe bullet resistant window to collect cash payments, and a facility that brings great savings on monthly operational costs.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Modular Dental Clinics Will Make You Smile

Modular Dental Clinic

A Case Study In Modular Clinical Facilities

Modular Solutions, ltd was called upon by a Native American community to provide a  modular solution for their dental clinic.

The community had a building that was to be demolished, yet services still had to be rendered.    Modular Solutions, Ltd provided a design and the construction and installation of a modular dental clinic to serve the needs of the community and get it open quickly.

The building consisted of (2) modular sections and was to be steel siding to match the other buildings in the community.

Modular Solutions, Ltd was selected because our in-house architectural team worked closely with the tribal architectural team to get a feasible and quick solution developed.

It takes a special knowledge of construction and building code regulations to construct a modular dental clinic.

Modular Solutions, Ltd provided an equipment room, a lab facility, digital xray equipment, client service chairs, and the ambient facility that makes clients comfortable and less fearful as they are getting procedures completed.

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Modular Employee Workforce Housing Solutions

Employees that live in rural areas have limited choices when it comes to housing and family housing.  Modular Solutions, Ltd has provided housing in rural areas for housing as a solution.   How does this benefit the employees and the employers?
Employee Work Force Housing
  • Virtually no drive time to work place, eliminating tardiness and long drive times
  • Family camps can have family members close by, for security and also to attend to any special needs or requirements a family may have
  • Cost of gas reimbursement eliminated
  • If an employee leaves the housing is vacated, leaving an opening for "active" employees only
  • Security clearance can be incorporated into community as required
  • Amenities can be added or taken away as the work force changes
Prefabricated Housing Solutions
  • Include ADA housing solutions for elderly or injured employees or family members
  • Central court can include modular cafeteria center, prefabricated worship or meeting hall, modular laundry and general store facilities, and even pet centers.
  • Builds a sense of community for the workplace and the housing complex
  • Modular housing can be multi-story or multi-family solutions
  • Housing is then a benefit, and will attract better and more dedicated employees
These are just a few of the benefits of choosing Modular Solutions, ltd to develop you modular building housing solutions for your work force and employees.

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Friday, October 9, 2015

Modular Solutions For Churches

Modular Solutions For Churches

Modular Worship Buildings Are A Great Solution

Worship centers require large open spaces and great sound quality.  But all too often the budget determines what a church can afford and what they will be able to worship in.

 Some of our clients have been able to utilize buildings from Modular Solutions, Ltd recycle program.  The recycle program allows older modular buildings that have been on lease to come back to our factory and get reconstructed and rebuilt for a "new life"

By utilizing reconstructed buildings it is good for the environment because a building was saved from going to the stock pile or land fill, and it is good for the client because there is a substantial cost savings available.

New construction is always an option at Modular Solutions, Ltd but sometimes the budget can go a littler further with this option.
many of our clients will choose steel building for the high ceilings and the somewhat flexible design solution.   Other clients will choose MPANELS which are manufactured in the plant, offer high ceiling options, and a concrete slab floor.  

What ever space goals a church has we try to educate the committee and let them know that there are building options, and affordable ideas that will make sense for long term and short terms space planning goals.

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