Friday, August 14, 2015

Modular Solutions Going Global

Modular buildings are used in the United States for temporary and permanent space solutions and in every region. We belong to an organization MBI, that promotes the globalization of modular construction. In recent months the new members of other countries have almost outpaced our new members in the USA. When you look at the rich history of some of those countries they have not wanted to consider modular construction as a viable option. Breaking the concept of thought that their method of construction has worked for thousands of years is sometimes an uphill battle. There is however a new movement which has begun encouraging young architects and design engineers to look at alternative construction methods and a better way to build. With all of the sustainable, and green options that prefabrication offers young design teams are tackling the age old problems of what is a better way to build in our region.

By discovering the true time and money savings available with off-site prefabricated construction an entire new generation is discovering there really is a better way to build!


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