Friday, August 21, 2015

Safety Ideas For School Construction

Historically schools have always been considered a safe haven for children but that picture of safety has changed over recent years. When school districts come to us and ask how do we create a safe school campus environment there are many solutions in our preconstruction solutions book.

Some common upgrades that are now being included in the standard new school construction package:
1. Panic Alert System: Any employee can identify a dangerous situation and notify the staff, administration, and local authorities.
2. Entry Vestibules: A safety vestibule is a way to lock down a campus so noone can gain direct egress onto the campus without notifying the proper security teams
3. High Technology Security Systems: These systems can be as simple as card readers, or as sophisticated as identification scanners
4. Practice Emergency Lockdowns: Most schools have an emergency plan or lock down plan that allows the staff to practice for security risk situations
5. Parking pass control gates: When upper education levels have parking considerations the access gates are only open with proper security clearance (usually attached to the vehicle)
6. Guard shack: Control entry into the campus with security shacks

No matter what the security challenge is our team can help develop a solutions to have safe and secure schools.

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