Friday, September 11, 2015

Modular Building In Arizona

We have a factory in Arizona, and often we are asked what is required to put a modular building in any location in Arizona.  There are a few key steps to follow to make sure you get your modular building designed, and properly coded to be placed in any city or county in Arizona.

  • Check with the local zoning office and see what the roof snow load is- Cold country has harsher regulations for roof snow load and insulation values.
  • Check the lay of the land.   ADA requirements are one of the challenges we see on undeveloped land sites.  Some extensive grading may be required and that can really add to the cost of your project quickly.
  • See if there is an HOA in the area.  Sometimes local zoning or HOA will require very specific aesthetic finishes which will effect the design criteria and cost of your project
  • When do you need the modular building?  It can sometimes take 90 days to six months to get through the local zoning office for approvals of a modular or site built project.

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