Friday, October 9, 2015

Modular Solutions For Churches

Modular Solutions For Churches

Modular Worship Buildings Are A Great Solution

Worship centers require large open spaces and great sound quality.  But all too often the budget determines what a church can afford and what they will be able to worship in.

 Some of our clients have been able to utilize buildings from Modular Solutions, Ltd recycle program.  The recycle program allows older modular buildings that have been on lease to come back to our factory and get reconstructed and rebuilt for a "new life"

By utilizing reconstructed buildings it is good for the environment because a building was saved from going to the stock pile or land fill, and it is good for the client because there is a substantial cost savings available.

New construction is always an option at Modular Solutions, Ltd but sometimes the budget can go a littler further with this option.
many of our clients will choose steel building for the high ceilings and the somewhat flexible design solution.   Other clients will choose MPANELS which are manufactured in the plant, offer high ceiling options, and a concrete slab floor.  

What ever space goals a church has we try to educate the committee and let them know that there are building options, and affordable ideas that will make sense for long term and short terms space planning goals.

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