Friday, February 5, 2016

Commercial Modular Building Siding Choices

Commercial Modular Building Advantages, Life Cycle, & Global Warming Impact Study Released

What siding to choose for my new commercial modular building?

The modular building industry has seen some great siding or exterior finish options over the years, and has also had some options that performed with less than desirable results.  Since this blog is about sharing, and learning together I found a study on line that is a comparison of the various sidings. 
This study reveals life cycle, cost per sq. ft (which will of course vary, but great for consumer budgeting spread sheets), and global warming impact.
There are so many considerations when selecting a final siding.  

Up NW in cold and wet climate a majority of our clients prefer the hardi (cement) lap siding.   In the SW they like stucco.  In the central and midwest parts of the USA they like wood siding or vinyl siding.  In the SE seem that Steel or Aluminum are high selling.  We have to help our clients look at options every day, and there are many factors that contribute to the final choice.

  • What do other buildings in the area look like
  • How long do we want the building to last & how much budget do we have
  • Do you want to make an architectural statement
  • What are the severe weather conditions in your area
  • Are you concerned with recycle value at the end of the life cycle
  • Do you want a sustainable product for your siding finish
Options and Analysis
Cladding Alternatives
Cladding typesExpected Life (years)cost/sf (material + labor)cost/sf/yr of expected lifeEnd-of-LifePractice
stucco75 (depends on maintenance)$4.18$0.075Landfilled (metal lath recyclable)standard
brick100+(typically life of the bldg)$9.70-$15.30$0.078Possible reusestandard
wood25-75 (depends on maintenance)$3.07*-$4.95$0.080Biodegradablestandard
fiber-cement501$2.31-$2.75$0.051Recyclable (currently no programs available)May require some training (cutting & sealing joints)
vinyl35$1.75-$2.06$0.076Recyclable (currently no programs available)standard
wood-resin/plastic composite20-30not availablenot availableDifficult to recyclestandard

For a full review of the study follow this LINK.   We will also be glad to help you evaluate your choices and your options.    Call our team or email us with any questions:

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