Monday, February 29, 2016

Modular Building Foundation Options

Modular Building Foundations, Which Is Best?

Choosing The Right Modular Building Foundation For Your Commercial Modular Building

Prefabricated commercial buildings and modular buildings can be set on all types of foundation systems. There are permanent foundations, temporary foundations, earthquake foundations, adjustable foundations.  How do you tell which foundation system is right for your application and use?

Some quick options and tips:

  • Steel piers on concrete or treated wood or ABS plastic pads:  This method is utilized when there are shifting soil conditions & quick relevel is the solution.  This method is also used for temporary installations. 
  • another very frequent type of foundation that is flexible is called "dry-stack" foundation.  CMU blocks are stacked and shims are used to level the building.  There is not any solid grout or any rebar used in this method of installation.  You see this much in the central US.
  • When clients are looking for a more permanent solution and do not intend to move the building they will choose a CMU or Concrete foundation.  This has a wall around the entire perimeter of the building, and ribbon footings with sono tubes or block piers to support load bearing areas
The key to successful foundation systems is to choose one that meets the short and long term goals for your site location.    For example if you have really bad soils that shift and are expansive it is expensive to dig down & put in the footers for this type of soil.  some sites are excavated down 20' - 30' deep to bring in good soil that will support the building and the use.     In this case even if the use is permanent it can be more cost-effective to utilize the adjustable steel piers and concrete or treated wood pads and then you can relevel the site as required.

We suggest a soils engineering report for best results.  for a few thousand dollars you are able to identify the type of soil and the best foundation system for your modular building.                                                                                                   
Let our team help you identify the best foundation solution for your modular building needs.

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