Monday, February 1, 2016

Modular Building Space Planning, It's Like Building A Puzzle

Modular Building Space Planning Is Like Building A Puzzle, Piece By Piece & Until The Solution Is Solved

What Is A Space Plan? (fun puzzle link)

A space plan is taking your goals for current team members, and also looking long term to see how much space you need and what makes the most sense in how the layout will flow.

We have seen some very bad space planning on sites that resulted in hundreds of thousands of $'s in rework due to short term vs. long term planning.  A little preconstruction planning will always help you avoid costly mistakes.

Some tips to help you grow wisely:
ADA Ramps & AccessGrading Utlitiy ImprovementUtility Development
  • Full time staff vs. part time or volunteers.  Can they share spaces or does your industry require secured individual offices
  • Where are the site utilities located.  Don't plan on future expansion being where current utilities are located.   Relocating utilities can be a very expensive afterthought
  • Parking is always a concern, do you have sufficient space for all employees, is public transportation an option, does your organization encourage ride share programs.
  • Fire and life safety are most important, look at egress, fire hydrants, type of addressable alarm systems, and current infrastructure size.   Plan ahead!
  • Know your neighbors, see what their thoughts are about sharing expenses for fencing, landscape and other common site needs.
  • Look at watershed on the property, make sure you plan grading around natural flows so your earthwork costs are less, and over-design retention areas in urban cities.
  • To make sure your property is large enough research city setbacks.  Often a 40' or 50' setback is required on a front yard, that can really eliminate future growth options.

For more information or for a initial site consultation and building preconstruction meeting contact our team.  

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