Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Cost Effective Designs To Get A Higher Ceiling

One question we frequently hear is how do I get a higher ceiling in my modular building? Some uses like worship facilities, or multipurpose rooms, or physical activity spaces need a higher ceiling to effectively service the space goals.
The Challenge:
When a modular building gets over 15' or 16' high in most states, the transport gets extremely cost prohibitive. This reduces the cost savings that are realized by choosing modular construction. Our clients have come to us with this challenge and Modular Solutions, Ltd has come up with some cost-effective design solutions that help keep the transport fees affordable, and help keep the overall budget of the project in line with original cost projections.

1. Telescoping Roof: A telescoping roof system is one that is raised when it arrives on site allowing the building sections to transport down the road for the lower delivery costs, and still gain the additional ceiling height once the building is installed on site.

2. Hinged Roof: A hinged roof system is similar to a telescoping roof. This is common for smaller structures that are only two or three sections to obtain a nice high pitch in snow country.

3. Site Installed Stacks: Installing sections on top of each other with proper foundation and crane rigging on site saves time and money by allowing high roof sections to be set on each other with proper design & engineering details.

4. Clearspan Beams: Open up the ceiling and use a decorative steel duct system so it can be exposed allowing the roof beams and duct work to be open, like in a warehouse or restaurant setting. This picks up 1-2 additional feet in the ceiling height.

These are just a few of the creative and innovative solutions Modular Solutions, Ltd has developed for clients that have the need for additional ceiling height in a modular building structure.

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