Tuesday, October 14, 2014

What Services Can A Modular Company Provide?

Modular companies show lots of great looking finished modular building projects on their websites with pretty landscape, and extravagant porches, and mixed traditional and modular construction. One great question we hear is "how much of that project did you complete"? Here is a summary of the different types of companies in the modular industry. Of course all of this information is "TYPICAL" however it is good resource for anyone interested in purchasing a modular building, and will help you do your homework & see how the seller is licensed and what services they can legally provide.
Another great reason to get a physical copy of a license is to research the license history and validity.

* DEALER: A dealer buys and sells modular buildings from other people. Mostly "stock" units with industry standard finishes, some are licensed to install the buildings many only can sell modular buildings. Dealers are generally not licensed to do any site work.
* GENERAL CONTRACTOR: A general contractor hires a modular building company to build or fabricate the modular building and then provides the site work & finishes to complete the building. A general contractor does not usually do any design work or fabricate modular buildings. A general contractor does not usually have architectural services.
* CONSTRUCTION MANAGER: A construction manager is a logistics partner. They usually have some background in management of projects but are not usually licensed to handle any of the specific construction work. They typically get a percentage of the contract amount to oversee a general contractor, manufacturer, architect and dealer offering management advise along the way.
*ARCHITECT: An architect has to be licensed in the state they are drawing for. An architect can design the modular building, but sometimes is they are not aware of the special criteria it takes to design a modular building in sections and how to keep it affordable.
*MANUFACTURER: A modular building manufacturer usually sells to a dealer, or a general contractor. The manufacturers' responsibility stops at the factory door, and within the confines of the box. Sometimes when a wholesale manufacturer sells a building to a dealer there are gray areas that get overlooked or missed.

DESIGN-BUILD FACTORY DIRECT ARCHITECTURAL/GENERAL CONTRACTOR/MANUFACTURER: Modular Solutions, Ltd is a design-build general contractor that specializes in modular buildings. By working with clients from inception we are able to provide architectural design, site work and general contracting responsibilities, and control the entire process in our manufacturing facility. When you work with Modular Solutions, Ltd you are getting the experts in every field under one roof.

The best way to determine if a modular building company can provide you with everything you need to get a temporary or permanent modular building installed is to ask for their licenses. See how far they can legally take your project and how much will they complete for you.

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