Friday, October 3, 2014

Employee Housing, How To Keep It Affordable Five Easy Tips

You have a school district or clinic 50 miles from the next closest town, and all the surrounding land is federal or tribal so the question arises- Where will our employees live?

How can we keep our employees local and give them good living facilities - the answer is easy!
Build modular housing.

The oil and gas & railroad industries have been building remote housing and recreational facilities for their employees for years. The difference between those industries and education or medical housing is that a large majority of educational and medical staff are married with children. The old "bunkhouse" mentality does not work for this type of employee housing. A general study has proven that absenteeism and job hopping has been lowered by having affordable and attractive housing available on site for the employees.

1. Keep the housing near the clinic or school. By using existing infrastructure you can keep the costs lower and employees will be minutes from work.
2. Design multiple plans. By accommodating 1,2,&3 br footprints you are able to save space when a smaller family is hired and have ample room for larger families. Some of our clients even choose single family homes so if a really large family moves in they can have sufficient space.
3. Don't be afraid to "GO-UP". Multistory facilities can save land use if you are in an area where available space is tight.
4. Keep it simple. When you choose prefabricated, try to find "existing" plans to work with. Sometimes creating custom or special order plans are fun, but can cost more money than choosing designs that have worked for other employee housing locations.
5. Build housing that is sustainable, green and that has extended life cycle. An employee looks at the total cost to stay, and high utility bills are a contributing factor. By designing smart and helping the environment you will build a community that will last and be attractive for many generations to come.

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