Friday, October 17, 2014

What Will Your Modular Building Be For Halloween?

Sometimes it is fun to forget the formalities and just have fun with your decorating. Modular buildings can easily transform into seasonal decorations with a few quick easy tricks (or treats)
1) A little goes a long way, if you are a business you don't want to scare the neighbors and children too badly
2) Use materials that can be easily removed. Traces of spider webs and hay bails are reminders of Halloween past
3) Pick a theme and keep it simple (pumpkins or ghosts or candy corns) using items you don't remind replacing if someone likes your decorating idea too much

4) Lighting can create an ambiance. There are a variety of rope lights and solar lights available to help create a fun atmosphere
5) Keep it SAFE. Halloween is meant to be fun and an accident or mishap can hurt your image and pocketbook.

Have a safe & great Halloween from Modular Solutions, Ltd

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