Tuesday, October 8, 2013

How long should it take to build my modular campus?

A school campus built by traditional means usually takes 18-24 months to get built. This traditional modular campus of 20,000 square ft took 90 days to design, permit, and install.
Schools that are built for permanent use with concrete floors take a little more design time. This school was 30 days in design review & 75 days to construct and install for 15,000 square ft. If you have a supportive local jurisdiction the plan review process is quicker and the fabrication and installation time frames depend on if you selected any highly customized long lead design items. If you stay with local manufacturers and select from their readily available products the construction time frames can stay lean. To get started with your plans, call our professional team at (800) 441-8577 consultations and conceptual plans are free. Visit our website at www.modularsolutionsltd.com or send us any questions to information@modularsolutionsltd.com

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