Tuesday, October 22, 2013

five tips to finding a reputable commercial modular building contractor

There are many companies in the commercial modular industry that offer modular structures. Some have great reputations for quality workmanship and industry knowledge while others are just looking to make a quick buck. Some tips to help you evaluate the difference.
1. Do they have proper licenses? If possible an architectural, general contracting, & manufacturing license. This shows they have taken the time and effort to ensure the team is knowledgeable and capable of getting licensed. Make sure the license they hold is in their company name, not a sub contractor or other 3rd party.
2. Do they have experience with what you are looking to build? Many companies offer construction trailers, but have never built a clinic or a hotel. Ask for references in a related field.
3. Do they belong to organizations that hold them accountable to a code of ethics such as the BBB or the MBI? Organizations like this require commercial modular building companies to follow a strict code of ethics for honesty and integrity and for doing things the right way.
4. Are they willing to help you with design consultations and site visits upfront with no consultation fees? Some companies charge fees just to stop out & look at a viable solution. When you have a company that is interested in building relationship you will find they are willing to help you develop solutions and budgets prior to requiring you to depart with huge amounts of cash for "conceptual design work".
5. Have they taken the time to explore various options for you? You would never expect a one-size-fits-all method of approach for construction and renovation projects. Modular construction comes in many forms, and knowing your options so that you can make an informed decision is what builds trust and ultimately the best space solution.

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