Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Five tips for building a better modular clinic

Planning a clinic? Modular buildings are fast becoming the method of choice for this type of facility. Finding a modular company with medical construction experience is critical to the success of your project. Here are five easy tips to ensure your clinic will be a success, and open on time.
1. Make sure there are a set of construction standards that incorporate the health department requirements into the construction process and physical elements of design. Most agencies are building to the 2009 IBC or newer, look for this information in your specification details.
2. Ask for references in the modular medical field. A highly specialized field like medical clinics need a modular building factory and contractor that has experience building and designing medical facilities.
3. Know what you want. Come to a preconstruction meeting prepared with a list of items you want included in your new modular clinic facility, and see if the builder knows the products and brands.
4. Ask about what options are available. When you are building custom design-build you should have unlimited options and choices. By choosing a modular building company that can show you various elevations in BIM or share preliminary floor plans you will develop a relationship and trust with your contractor. Don't be willing to "settle"
5. Ask for a schedule. A huge part of getting your ROI is having the clinic open and ready for clients. By having a schedule in place you are able to work with your CEO and team to evaluate how quickly a modular clinic will start turning revenue.

For more information on modular clinical facilities contact our preconstruction team at Modular Solutions, Ltd by calling(800) 441-8577 x 1


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