Friday, October 25, 2013

five tips to funding your new commercial modular building

Does it seem like your money flies out the door faster than you can gain capital to grow your business?
Having a good working environment and comfortable atmosphere is a key element to the success and focus of your key employees. If you need to grow but don't have the capital for a new modular building there are many ways to get funding.
1. Lease to own: There are private equity companies, and banking firms that invest in growing companies and offer a lease to own package. Several advantages to this, one large impact is that in many cases the payments are tax deductible in full not tapping into your capital expenditure (they treat it as equipment)
2. Finance deal: This is a typical and the most common route. If you have a great banking relationship they can add it to your line of credit or as a stand alone based on the new equity you modular building facility will add to the company value.
3. Developers: For educational facilities and strategic businesses developers have an interest in getting new clients set up with the property, the site development, and the new prefabricated structures. We have put together several strategic partnerships with developers on long term paybacks so the site is developed, the funding is incorporated into the operational costs, and it is win/win.
4. Improvement grants: CCBD, USDA, local governments all have improvement grants available. If you are in an area that needs economic growth or that a new modular building would improve the community grants are available. This is a longer road but is usually offered in the form of a guaranteed low rate loan or "gift" if you stay in the community and create new jobs.
5. Modular Building Company Finance: Many modular companies offer lease with an option or lease to own from their own in-house resources. Since you both have an opportunity to gain from the modular building moving to a site with long term facility goals this is often a viable solution. This option is usually just for the building and other funding has to be found for the site work, permits, and installation fees.

If you need the resources to get a new modular building our team is a great resource for finding affordable and fair partners that will help you grow sensibly. For more details contact Modular Solutions, Ltd at (800) 441-8577 x 1


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