Friday, October 18, 2013

Modular building door hardware, five easy tips

Choosing the right type of security door hardware has become increasingly confusing with all the options available. We know that the objective of security is the main function of door hardware, the goal is how secure and what type of facility use do you have to help you through this maze.
1. "OFF-THE-SHELF" hardware available at any home improvement store. You can key & master key those with deadbolts or just keyways. This is great for general offices or administration facilities without classified information. Ensure the door hardware you select is ADA accessible.
2. "BRAND-SPECIFIC" hardware with construction cores: If you have a larger footprint or multiple campuses, like a school district you need secured access for many employees, but you need to control who can gain access into certain areas. Brand specific hardware is great because you have total control over the keyways and who gets in or out of general and secured areas.
3."SECURED ACCESS" type hardware is controlled with magnetic strips, or buzzers, or cyper-locksets. This is an area where security is controlled and there is a record of who enters and exits and what areas they were in. Great for labs, or behavioral health centers, or banking functions.
4. "SECURED ENTRY" double entry ways through secured vestibule. Typically in areas such as judicial centers, police stations, military, technology. Employees must walk in a secured main entry door, and then through a security inspection station. This helps prevent theft or sale of highly sensitive materials and subject matter.
5. "BIO-SENSITIVE" This type of system is one of the highest available. The intended occupant has to submit to bio testing patterns to enter or leave a facility. This is common in research facilities, military, bio-medical, pharmacy anywhere you would need to control ONLY authorized personnel on a very restrictive basis. This type is typically tied into the overall security system and not just related to door hardware functions.
The key to choosing the right hardware for your doors is to talk through your security requirements and decide what level is the safest and best value for your intended use. Our expert design team at Modular Solutions, Ltd have knowledge in all types of security for temporary and permanent modular buildings. Please call for a consultation (800) 441-8577 x 1
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