Monday, October 14, 2013

How much does a used modular building cost?

How much does a used modular building cost? The value will vary, depending on what type of lease or financial arrangement the prior client had. In general you should look at the overall condition and base your offer on that. Most used modular buildings are $10 - $50PSF. The main question you want to ask when looking for a used modular building is does it have proper certification to be used in my location. Most state agencies require tags and approvals of a modular building. If a building has lost that documentation, or never went through the process a local jurisdiction can decline approval for use.

If you have purchased a modular building that can not be used or has lost the documentation, call Modular Solutions, Ltd. We are able to survey the buildings and get them "re-certified" for use and provide current plans and foundation details. For more information or a current inventory of our used modular buildings


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