Friday, October 11, 2013

Which is better, gas heat or electric for my modular building?

Which mechanical system is a better choice gas heat or electric? This is a matter of location, and utility bill history. In rural areas where gas (LP or natural) is readily available the cost to operate and the availability is usually less with gas heat. Frequently large electric utility upgrades have to occur to include electric heat strip or heat pump units due to the power draw. If you are in a city with abundant power supplies, electric heat is a safe bet. Because there are so many types of mechanical systems available you want to make an educated decision on what is the best mechanical system as well as gas or electric heating.

Let our design experts at Modular Solutions, Ltd help you make that important decision by reviewing the many options available. Initial consultations are free, we look forward to helping you design the perfect modular building. See more information on our website at , Call to schedule an appointment (800)441-8577x 8202 or send us your questions to

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