Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Can I have a concrete floor in my modular building?

Choosing a permanent structure that is built off site is still considered modular factory built construction. There are many ways to accomplish concrete floors and get a prefabricated building. Four of the most common are below:
1. 4" lightweight concrete poured in plant, finishes are completed in the plant, and saves time on site
2. Slab on grade...floorless modular. Utilizes steel beams and no floor is included. this lags to the concrete slab on site requires very meticulous planning on plumbing & electrical stub connections.
3. MPANELS, panelized construction, wall & roof sections built in plant with stubs. Attached to slab on site
4. Prefabricated steel buildings, comes in a "kit" and is put together on site
The key to finding the right modular solutions for your site is to have a vendor that has designed, and built all types of concrete floor structures. Modular Solutions, Ltd has been providing quality modular and prefabricated buildings since 1996.

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