Thursday, March 27, 2014

Can I Get A Heavy Duty Floor Load In My Modular Building?

Many customers assume that since a modular building typically has wood sub floor, they can only use it for office space or light residential use. This is a huge misconception. When you are getting a commercial FBB modular building you can "BEEF" up the floor load in many ways to accommodate the need. Modular buildings have been used for commercial retails sales facilities, filing rooms, manufacturing, mini-storage/storage, fire stations, and hundreds of other industrial occupancies. The key is to design the modular building properly to accommodate the floor load requirements.

Tips to upgrade a floor load:

1. Upgrade the wood decking from 5/8" or 3/4" to 1 1/8"
2. Place your piers or foundation system in a much closer design. The closer the piers the stronger the floor load
3. Upgrade the floor joist size or use a steel perimeter frame. Making the joist closer together also helps. There are some great floor joist designs that are specially designed for this type of use and occupancy
4. Choose an alternative floor such as a "B" deck concrete floor or MPANEL panelized concrete floor system

By making these few minor changes you can use your modular building to store or hold virtually any design criteria, Just like a traditional site built structure.

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