Monday, March 17, 2014

Modular Building Exterior- Stucco

In the southwest many of the permanent or long term modular buildings opt to put stucco on the exterior of the building. But "stucco" is a very generic term and even when selecting this exterior look there are many options to consider for your best value:

1. How many insulation points will it add to the value of the project 1" of foam can typically add 7RPOINTS to your insulation value. The foam can be varied thickness to add better insulation value
2. How many layers are required. Some varieties have a single coat that is sprayed on, others have a base coat, scratch coat, and finish.
3. Schedule of project- Traditional stucco requires curing time to alleviate cracks or blistering. Make sure you allow for this or use a different application method that does not require this
4. Color Selection- Some stucco applications are painted and others have the color integrated into the mix. Decide how you will deal with patching, or vandal touch up etc.
5. Elastomaric finish is usually the preferred method with modular construction because it moves with the flex of the building
6. Final texture: There are several varieties of finish from light trowel, knockdown, spanish lace, aged, spray stone, etc. Deciding the final finish you prefer is a consideration.

When you are considering your final finishes ask for samples and get a firm idea of how your facility will look in the end so that your decisions are educated and informed. Generic terms like "stucco" have been open to interpretation so choose your industry terms carefully and do your homework.

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