Friday, March 28, 2014

How Did They Get That Modular Building In There?

Sometimes as you drive by your favorite location you see land for sale & think about how would anyone develop that site? That location is too landlocked to get any new construction done, and then you drive by a few weeks later and there is a complete modular building there, open for business! We are frequently asked "How did they get that modular building in there?

The fun aspect of modular construction is that buildings come in sections and components. Because they are delivered up to 99% complete in many cases all we have to do is find a way to get access to the site. What are some of the obstacles? Fenced in lots, buildings in the way, no roadways,uneven land conditions. Developing modular solutions requires the right team!

The modular industry has fun big boy toys that allow us to get a modular set up in the craziest of locations. We utilize cranes, crawlers, rails, jacks, rigging, steel plates, and other methods to get that building secured to a foundation on site.

Some of the crazier locations have included the top of a press box during grand prix, Behind a 12' high block wall with cyclone fencing in a prison facility, at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, at the birds nest of the Phoenix Open.....You get the idea- Modular buildings can be set anywhere.

So if you are thinking about an expansion but did not think you can put a modular building there, rethink it and give our preconstruction team a call for ideas.

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