Monday, March 3, 2014

Modular Daycare Center

Trusting little ones in the care of others is always a big step for parents. Choosing a daycare center to take the children to is an important decision. What impacts the choices a parent will make when looking at a daycare program. According to internet sources 70% of the decision is based on how the facility looks. So if the look and the quality are important to parents how can we help you with designing the perfect modular daycare facility?

Our team will walk you through a few preliminary tips to ensure you get the enrollment you need to keep your ROI high, and start getting revenue sooner. A traditional daycare facility can take from 12-18 months to design & construct. Wouldn't it be great to have the same quality building, and be open for revenue in less than six months?

Design tips:

1. Know how many kids you want to license and grow to, and design around those sq. ft. $'s and size.
2. Use built in furnishings, they are attractive and allow easy cleaning and beautiful appearance.
3. Hire a team that has an architect on staff to get you through your state facilities review, critical to opening quicker.
4. Design a simple flow, ask if concrete floors are available if you want a permanent structure.
5. Design a facility that can grow, if you are successful you will want to add classrooms effortlessly, and afford ably. Plan phases in your design.
6. Finishes, finishes, finishes, the fun finishes are what catches the parents eye and lets them know you built a permanent modular building.

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