Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Modular Buildings With Mini-Split Ductless Mechanical Systems

Many industries focus on one aspect of a construction project. With a modular building you have to make choices about EVERY detail and component that goes into a modular building. Some of our clients have asked me what is a "Mini-split-system", what are the benefits, and why would we choose that type of mechanical system?

All good questions, and in the end because you have choices it is good to be educated on various types of mechanical systems.

A Mini-split ductless system is great where you have multiple climates or uses in a facility. Frequently when adding ductwork on a renovation is not feasible a mini-split ductless system is beneficial because no ductwork is required.

How Efficient?
Most systems start with a 13 SEER rating or better
What is major benefit? Only cooling an area that is occupied. Since you can zone up to four areas per mini-split if you have off hour sessions or meeting rooms you can keep those climates controlled at a variable temperature setting saving on energy bills.
Does it cost more? Cost will vary depending on building use and occupancy, but the average is $800-1100/ Per ton of air.
Is Maintenance less? Typically yes, because there are no ducts to maintain you do not loose efficiency in the ductwork making a more efficient system operationally.

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