Friday, March 14, 2014

Mobile Office Trailers, On The Go!

Mobile office trailers are used for short term or temporary space solutions. They are typically constructed with wood siding, and minimum construction standards to meet the IBC code. Mobile office buildings are usually in single wide or two sections and are used for many uses (modular church classrooms, mobile job trailers, portable classrooms, temporary staffing space)

Many clients choose to lease a mobile office so they can remove it from site at a later date when the permanent modular construction or site built construction is completed.

Ways to tell if you have a mobile office:
1. Wood or similar siding, for easy relocation
2. Wall construction typically 2 x 4 with vinyl covered gypsum walls
3. basic door & windows, light gauge minor commercial grade products
4. roof will be metal, or rubber (for ease of moving)

Choices are limited with mobile offices, so if you want something custom you might want to consider a modular building.

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