Wednesday, March 26, 2014

HUD Modular Home VS. IRC, What Is The Difference?

The manufactured housing industry uses terminology that intermingles and can become diluted or murky if you are not experienced in the acronyms used. Building codes are what determines the type of modular home you will be purchasing, and the method of approval and structural calculations are what makes the difference. Most of the time the difference between a HUD and an IRC modular home are the structural elements that you never see, but in the long run are thankful they were included.

HUD (US Dept of Housing & Urban Development) is a government agency that set up a minimum set of building standards to unify manufactured housing across the US. This code is varied depending on climate zone, but mostly identical. Local states and municipalities can require stiffer codes or compliance but HUD building standards are what most manufactured housing plants conform to, with the option to construct IRC homes for clients that want or need that as an option.

IRC (International Residential Code) is the code many municipal agencies have adopted and the more rigorous building standard. An IRC modular home is usually identified as a "MODULAR" and a HUD home is usually identified as a "MANUFACTURED HOME". An IRC home will always be more expensive, but has a longer life cycle for your new home.
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