Monday, March 10, 2014

What Is A Modular Building?

The term MODULAR BUILDING, gets tossed around and is used by many industries. From someone in the modular industry here is a little background. A modular buildings typically means a building that is fabricated off site, and then put together at the final destination. This comes in various stages and comes in various forms within the industry:
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1. Mobile offices - deliver 100% complete in one or two sections for temporary use
2. Modular Building - multiple sections usually about 80- to 90% complete built off site & finished on site for longer term use can still be relocated
3. prefabricated building- multiple sections manufactured in many different ways for many different uses
a. prefabricated wall systems, for inside warehouses or industrial use
b. MPANELS-prefabricated wall and roof systems with the roughins for electrical and plumbing - fabricated off site and transported to site set with a crane and ready for finishes in hours. Used for unlimited building options
c. Hybrid- Mixes site built and prefabricated to get high walls and ceiling, for multi-family, hotels , etc
4. Permanent Alternative Construction- Allows for concrete floors, stucco and architectural finishes, high ceilings, all the things you want in a permanent structure, just fabricated off site and finished on site. Permanent construction is built to have a 50+ year life cycle and meet or exceed all local and state building codes.
5. Steel Buildings- The basic structural package is built off site and then put together on site by the installation team. This sets on a concrete slab. While not as fast as a modular choice this is often used in conjunction with modular construction (ie a church that wants the worship center open high beam and the classrooms on the side to be modular)

Not all factories and dealers offer all of the above. Modular Solutions, Ltd will offer any of the above space solutions. The determining factor is your budget, your schedule, and your use. Contact our local preconstruction team for more details.
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