Thursday, March 20, 2014

One Of These Modulars Is Not Like The Others

Traditional modular buildings are made from wood construction, wood floor joist, wood decking, wood siding, and meant to last 10-20 years. You see these buildings on every corner in USA and know by looking that the building is a modular structure. There is a new type of modular construction which has taken the USA by storm, and has rapidly become the modular construction method of choice. All buildings are constructed with steel framing, steel floor systems, and CONCRETE FLOORS.

The consumers wanted a modular building that could be installed in 90 days or less, but wanted a modular building with a 50+ year life cycle. Concrete floor modular buildings have many names in the industry "permanent, slab-on-grade, B-Deck, concrete floor, concrete deck" but in the end the space solution is a modular building built off site with a 4" concrete slab floor.

Key elements to ask for in a concrete floor modular:

1. Request 4" thick concrete minimum, with flexible concrete
2. Ask for steel framing and construction to withstand the weight and movement
3. Ask to be set with a crane, not railed into place
4. Ask for an architectural stamp on the plans, not just a structural seal

Since the modular industry has mobile trailer dealers that carry inventory or stock and custom modular buildings factories we suggest you purchase from a reputable and experienced factory that understands every aspect of installing a permanent modular building with a concrete floor.

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