Thursday, March 13, 2014

Permanent Alternative Construction, The Best Of Both Worlds!

What is Permanent Alternative Construction (PAC)? PAC combines all of the great advantages of modular construction, into the quality and structure of a permanent building. Many ask so why not just site build? the construction industry time is money. An excellent example of this would be a modular school campus we recently constructed.

Traditional construction was going to take 16 Months, including 16 months of overhead, general conditions, site meetings, project management etc.(this did not include the preconstruction design time)
Modular Construction was going to take 6 months including ALL applicable design and construction.

The savings in general conditions alone 10 months at $12,500/Per Month OVER $120K in savings. While the cost for the building was very similar since the specification criteria was met Or exceeded in every way, the time savings brought value as the school realized revenue sooner, and the cost savings of the 10 months of general conditions and other cost factors.

Permanent Alternative Construction is identified as a time savings=quicker ROI and less overhead and management fees.
What is different in a PAC building?
Concrete Floors
High Ceilings
Attractive Exterior Finishes
50+ Year Life Cycle
In-House Architectural Team To Expedite Project
Concurrent Site/PAC Construction

Permanent Alternative Construction, Incorporates the BEST of both worlds.

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