Monday, January 20, 2014

Disaster Recovery, Finding Quick Modular Buildings

After a natural disaster hits (fire, flood, tornado, hurricane, act of terrorism, etc) the clean up and reconstruction must begin. Most communities have an emergency services plan in place to rebuild quickly and utilize local work forces.

Modular buildings have been a longstanding solution for this type of emergency. Modular buildings are in stock or can be built in some cases 30 days or less. What have modular buildings been used to replace?

1. Modular housing: Temporary and long term single family and multi-family
2. Modular clinical facilities: Dental, Emergency, Hospitals
3. Modular Daycare & Educational facilities: For schools and churches
4. Modular Security Booths: For secured access & peace keeping efforts
5. Modular Food Service: Cafeteria, food preparation, and restaurant replacement
6. Modular Police & EMS stations: Temporary & permanent modular sub stations for emergency services
7. Prefabricated Prisons: For holding or detaining in times of crisis
8. Modular Churches: For temporary & permanent replacement
9. Prefabricated Laundry Facilities: Providing clean clothes and washing services for victims
10. Military Mobile Offices: For military & border patrol teams
11. Mobile Offices: For insurance teams and other services that need to mobilize quickly

When you need a quick solution, Modular Solutions are the most affordable and quick answer to disaster recovery.

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