Friday, January 24, 2014

Modular Buildings Excellent Solution For Unlevel Site Conditions

Need space, but the only location you have SLOPES more than expected? Modular buildings are the perfect solution! When the foundation system is designed properly a modular building is the key to saving money on site work, and getting the building in where you need it to be.

Traditional building construction pads requires lots of dirt work which can become very expensive. Moving Rocks or caleche out of the way can be cost prohibitive for placing a traditional built structure in a location.

1. Pay for a professional survey, know what your site & soil conditions are
2. Make sure an experienced architect is on the team, over design can cost more than the budget can afford
3. Always look for alternative locations, if not available move forward
4. Have a project manager on site to ensure design criteria was met to avoid settling & other possible concerns in the future

Being creative and designing projects that have value & solve space needs are what the modular industry is known for.

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