Monday, January 27, 2014

Modular Building or Steel Building?

Making the decision to go modular or choose a steel building is one that many clients have had to wrestle through. Both have great qualities that make them unique and affordable, and both offer flexible construction options.

Some Tips For Consideration:

1. How quickly do you need your building?
2. Is it a temporary or permanent space need?
3. What is your budget?
4. Special Construction Requirements?
5. Energy Efficient Design Requirements?
6. Floor Load Requirements?
7. Plumbing & Electrical Considerations?
8. Mechanical Considerations?
9. Design-Build Requirements?
10. Permit and Site Challenges?
11. Soil Conditions?
12. Site Access, and Egress?
13. Interior & Exterior Finishes?
14. Local Design Standards?

Each Building will be custom based on many factors, but the best solution is to make an educated buying decision based on your facility goals. Modular Solutions, Ltd team can provide a steel building or a modular building for your site needs.

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