Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sound Attenuation In Modular Buildings

Need to keep unauthorized ears from hearing private & privileged conversations?
One important thing to learn about would be sound attenuation. When constructed right modular buildings can STOP SOUND, and keep it in the proper spaces.

What is Sound attenuation? Constructing walls,ceilings,and enclosures (including ductwork) in a manner that will stop sound in a room or area so that the sound vibrations do not continue into unauthorized range.

Who would need this option?
1. Police victim interview rooms
2. Behavioral Health Counseling
3. Medical offices
4. Military or industrial work & meeting rooms

Anywhere you need to keep information secured and privileged.

Tips on how to get there?
there are lots of ways to get sound attenuation (based on the level of STC rating you are expecting)
1. Offset studs and insulate, putting them 8" on center
2. Bring drywall full height to roof rafters
3. Foam & sound boards on the drywall or wall finish to absorb sound
4. Direct supply on mechanical to each sound sensitive area
5. Solid core doors
6. Solid drywall ceiling, ILO drop down T-Grid
7. Double studs and double wall system
8. Backer sound board under gypsum wall covering

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