Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Modular Building, Developing A Space Plan

When you are starting a project there are so many things to consider on how to get to the end of the goal which is more space. The best way to make sure you don't over build or under build your new modular building is to have a space plan in place. The reason this is critical is it helps you develop current and future space goals and function and flow on paper before you spend any money on architectural design and re-design.

At Modular Solutions, Ltd our team has a proprietary space planning guide that helps our clients develop realistic space planning goals based on function, flow, and feasibility. It would be great to have a 600 sq ft office for each employee, but that is not usually a practical or feasible solution.

1. How will the space(s) be used, what type of function
2. Who will occupy the modular building
3. How many hours a day will the new modular be occupied
4. Placement of spaces (who needs to be next to who for ease of doing business)
5. Specialty areas...are there any special construction needs in your facility
6. Storage spaces for janitorial, records, materials, etc
7. Conference & training rooms as meetings are an inevitable part of doing business
8. Break room, will you need a place to eat/prepare food maybe even a full service kitchen

This is just a brief glance at the things you should walk through during the preconstruction phase of your modular building project. Contact our team to get a full project assessment and help you plan for function, flow, and feasibility.

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