Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Unique Modular Building Uses

Modular buildings have been used to serve almost every industry. As an efficient means of construction we are able to offer a more cost-effective solution and put buildings in places where you never thought it possible.

Some fun locations & uses for modular buildings:

1. Modular ticket booths & modular press boxes on top of the grand prix race track
2. Modular concession stands on the TOP of ski resorts
3. Modular "towns" for the military to practice blowing up & target shooting
4. Modular convenience stores, at gas stations and in very rural locations
5. Modular enclosures to hold power, communication, technology,water processing, etc
6. Modular temporary housing for emergency disaster relief
7. Prefabricated sports center
8. Modular fire stations
9. Modular laundry mats
10. Modular bank or financial institution

Additionally there are other traditional uses that you see everywhere and may not even know that they are modular buildings.
1. Modular classroom & daycare additions and complete schools, temporary or permanent
2. Modular clinic buildings for temporary or permanent space solutions
3. Modular office space small and large, temporary or permanent
4. Modular barracks & employee housing facilities
5. Modular churches and religious facilities
6. Industrial modular buildings for light manufacturing and storage
7. Modular restaurants, and modular food service (ie cafeteria for staff or students)
8. Modular homes for residential and multi-family use

No matter what your space need take it to the experts and see if there is a "Modular Solution" for your next expansion.

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