Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Need to lease a mobile office? Consider your options!

Mobile office buildings are carried "in-stock", and available for short term or temporary space needs. When you are planning your space goals, you should also make sure you consider the long term goals so your company or organization does not spend alot of money on unrecoverable costs.

Great tips to consider when planning on a mobile office lease:
1. What money will be spent on drawings, plans , approvals for a short term fix? Is it better to wait a few more months and just put in your permanent modular building location?
2. What money will be spent on getting utility connections & fire sprinklers or life safety to the site? If the temporary location is near connections this makes great sense. If the connections are far away sometimes a lease can be cost prohibitive.
3. How much time will it really take to get the permits? Many agencies treat a temporary lease like a standard permanent addition, and require full document submittals and review process. This can add months onto a project schedule.
4. Evaluate if this is really a short term fix. There are other options such as lease to own or lease purchase that can add value to the purchase price should you choose to buy the modular building or keep it on site longer than expected.
What other options are there?
Lease with option: This has value of lease payments applied toward the purchase price "prestated" so you know your purchase price at any given time
Lease to own: Typically written as a "lease" with rights to purchase for $1.00 upon fulfillment of lease terms and conditions. Both of the above also have tax benefits in most states.

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