Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Purchasing A Modular Building, Making It Through The Maze

When you start to look at all the options and the variable price range on purchasing a new modular building it can be very overwhelming. There are so many choices, and options, and every option you select can effect the price or the requirements on several other options.


1. Always ask if a substitution will impact the quality (ie a thinner metal gauge, or a packaged door ilo of a real wood door)
2. Ask to see samples of the options-See first hand why or why not the substitution is a good choice
3. Look on the suppliers website. See if they are a strong and viable choice
4. Compare your bid exactly the same, then look at options
5. Are the components meant for commercial modular construction or are you getting residential grade materials
6. Are there any long lead decisions that will impact your schedule of the modular building installation

The goal in the end is to have a quality modular building that will last the same life cycle as a traditional site built structure. When you are investing in a major capital item such as a modular building you want a facility that will endure the test of time, weather, and use.

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