Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Modular Buildings in extreme climates

Modular buildings serve communities in extreme heat and extreme cold. The key to getting what you need for your modular building installation is working closely with your design team. Just as you would "weatherize" a home for extreme heat and cold you want to do the same for your new commercial modular building.

1. Make sure your modular building is designed with proper snow load
2. Maximize insulation packages in the roof of your modular building and exterior the exterior walls. R-38/R19 Minimum.
3. Solutions for windows in your modular building, choose at a minimum dual pane, and upgrade if you have the funds

1. Size your mechanical unit on the modular building accordingly & choose an energy star rated brand
2. Think about your door & window facings when placing the modular building on site
3. Think about low water plumbing & landscape for a modular building in high heat conditions
4. As with cold climate upgraded insulation will help you keep lower utility bills
5. Use a reflective solar color for roofs and the modular building. This will help lower your monthly utility bills in the extreme summer months

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