Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Modular Dialysis Clinic, Who knew?

With an aging population medical care is on the forefront of news topics. One of the fastest growing space needs is for modular dialysis clinics. This is a highly specialized type of construction and has many unique qualities that have to be included in the construction & design of a new modular dialysis clinic. Modular buildings and prefabricated construction offer great benefits such as completing the buildings up to 60% quicker than traditional construction or tenant improvements, and keeping the costs and schedule controlled in a factory environment.

Modular Dialysis Clinic Construction Tips:
1. Conceal the lines in cabinetry, makes the clients feel more comfortable
2. Include the water treatment in the modular building. No phased construction or site construction required
3. Run your floorplans past the health department from inception, gets your doors open more quickly

Hire an expert in the field:

Make sure the modular building manufacturer has constructed this type of building before. Medical firms run with very slim margins and do not have time to run a school on "how" to build a modular dialysis clinic.

Modular Solutions, Ltd has the experience. Contact our team at:
Toll Free (800) 441-8577 x 1
email: information@modularsolutionsltd.com
Website: www.modularsolutionsltd.com

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